The government’s energy strategy: missed opportunities, false solutions, better ways forward

Mat Paterson published a blog post on Policy@Manchester on the government's energy strategy and how we can build a better strategy through energy efficiency in buildings, renewable energy as standard for new supply and decarbonising buildings and transport


The government’s ‘British Energy Security Strategy’ released on the 7th April 2022 has raised more questions than answers for those in interested in energy policy. While it claims to offer solutions to the dual problems of rising energy prices and threats to natural gas supplies, it adopts an outdated method that runs conversely to net zero targets.

In the blog on Policy@Manchester, SCI Director Professor Matthew Paterson discusses the newly published British Energy Security Strategy, its flaws and lack of effective solutions, and suggests key ways to move forward successfully.

Key suggestions:

  • Decarbonisation needs to be at the heart of the UK’s energy strategy. The British Energy Security Strategy is antiquated in its ‘predict and provide’ proposals, and the strategy does not work if the UK is to achieve net zero targets.
  • Two energy strategy mind-sets have traditionally been used in energy policy design: expanding supply versus tackling demand.
  • Forward-thinking solutions to tackle current energy crises and advance towards net zero should include: the pursuit of energy efficiency and conservation in buildings, focusing all new supply on renewables, and accelerating programmes to decarbonise buildings and transport.

You can read the full blog post here.