The Healthy Ageing Research Group submits evidence into the House of Lords Select Committee

MICRA are delighted to announce that our colleagues at The Healthy Ageing Research Group (HARG) have submitted evidence into the House of Lords Select Committee – National Plan for Sport and Recreation Inquiry which has been published on their website.

They constructed an evidence summary responding to the overarching context of the inquiry whilst also specifically addressing questions related to increasing participation of older people.

The summary highlights encouraging active lifestyles with older people, innovative methods to engage older people in evidence-based physical activity – examples of UoM work with the use of technology and gamification, and addressing ageism and economic advantages of inclusivity.

The summary authors state that “From an economic as well as a quality-of-life perspective, supporting older adults to remain at home and to age “in place” can provide numerous advantages. Compression of ill health implies that older people could play fully contributory and fulfilling roles in society for longer, ensuring expertise gained over many years of experience is not lost.”

The Healthy Ageing Research Group have also been asked to attend an evidence session on Wednesday 26 May at 3.30pm, which Professor Chris Todd will attend on behalf of HARG.