Two Master students in Composition at NOVARS recipients of the Oram Awards 2022

Congratulations to composer Ella Key, one of our current master’s student in Electroacoustic Composition and Interactive Media and master’s alumna Kelly Jayne Jones and for receiving the Oram Awards 2022 in the UK category and for the associated development bursaries.

The Oram awards (named after pioneer British composer and electronic musician
composer Daphne Oram) celebrate innovation in sound, music and related technologies and elevating the work and voices of Women, Trans and Non-Binary Artists.

Ella Kay is an electroacoustic composer and sound designer studying at NOVARS Research Centre who aims to draw attention to important cultural topics through sound. Focusing on fixed media acousmatic works, she aims to explore the intricacies of sound and humanity through a variety of auditory experiences.

Kelly Jayne Jones is a Manchester based artist making work that combines performance, installation and sound. She began working in experimental concrete music and her practice has expanded to include dance, gesture, sonic drawings, stone sculpture and film. She is interested in creating a multi-sensory experience that creates possible conditions for communication and exchange.


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