Revised undergraduate LLB Law programmes

The University of Manchester Law School are delighted to launch revised versions of their four undergraduate LLB Law programmes.


The University of Manchester Law School are delighted to launch revised versions of their four undergraduate LLB Law programmes

  • LLB Law
  • LLB Law with International Study
  • LLB Law with Criminology
  • LLB Law with Politics

These new programmes offer a distinctive approach to legal education from a globally recognised institution that brings together research-informed study and practice-led approaches to law.  

All students will study our Introduction to Law and Legal Skills (ILALS) course, exploring law's role in the world and using contemporary issues to inspire their learning and develop their skills.  Joanne Urmston, the LLB Law Programme Director and Course Director for this new course, says "I am really excited to bring my experience in both legal practice and academia to the new ILALS course to help students to develop useful and practical skills, whilst learning about the context of the law in society."

Students on our joint honours programmes will also have a bespoke introduction to the relationship between their two disciplines through specialised courses in their first year, and their Programme Directors are delighted to introduce these opportunities which will support the deep links between the different disciplines and enhance the sense of community for our joint honours students.

All our undergraduate students will also study the foundations of law in England and Wales, as well as specialised course units, in which they will be challenged to analyse and critique the law, and understand the social, economic, ethical and political contexts in which it operates. 

Our teaching is driven by active and innovative approaches to learning, aimed at inspiring and supporting students as they develop throughout their degree.  Learning through reflection and collaboration, and applying their studies in practice, our student body will also help contribute towards access to justice for some of the most vulnerable, marginalised and disadvantaged in society. 

Our programmes have been designed to enable students to develop the skills, knowledge and experience to be highly employable, and to have the confidence to forge their own professional development beyond undergraduate study, whether practising law or in a different field of work. At the end of the programmes, students can also take advantage of our collaboration with BARBRI and pursue one of their SQE 1 courses at a discounted rate.

Our curriculum review leads, Eleanor Aspey and Gillian Ulph, Senior Lecturers in the Law School, comment “These exciting new programmes have been designed in collaboration with the Faculty of Humanities Learning Design team, ensuring that we are drawing on the latest pedagogy and best practice from across the university, and we are looking forward to introducing our new students to these innovative programmes and seeing their various successes during and after their studies with us.”

For more information about these programmes see https://www.socialsciences.manchester.ac.uk/law/study/courses/

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