University spinout secures funding for next phase of Luminspheres™ reservoir surveillance project

University of Manchester spinout company Chromition has received support from the Shell GameChanger programme to progress to the next phase of the joint development programme focused on validating Chromition’s in-line tracer detection system for real-time reservoir surveillance.

This continued collaboration follows the successful completion of Phase-I of the development programme that centred on testing Luminspheres™-tracers under reservoir conditions in a laboratory setting.  Phase-II of the programme will validate multicoloured Luminspheres™ tracers under flow conditions.

Chromition’s system aims to offer an unprecedentedly detailed characterisation of complex geological environments and enable real-time monitoring of fluid flow between multiple wells facilitating proactive reservoir field management.

Mark McCairn, Chromition’s Chief Executive, said: “Shell’s continued commitment is a testament to the progress achieved to date in developing Chromition’s in-line tracer detection system, which for the first time will enable remote, real-time reservoir surveillance to improve the management of subsurface resources”.

Veronica Simmonds, Commercial Innovation Partnerships Manager/GameChanger, Shell, added: “We are very pleased with the technical progress made by Chromition during Phase-I and decided to grant an approval of the results and endorsement by the Shell GameChanger Tollgate Panel to continue to Phase-II of the programme with us”.

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