University to hold its first-ever community festival

The University of Manchester is set to throw open its doors to the people of Manchester for its first Community Festival on Saturday 17 June.

The day will be packed with fun family-friendly interactive activities, where people will be able to go behind the scenes and find out all about the exciting and interesting research the University is doing.

There will be many hands-on activities including live experiments, interactive demonstrations, musical and dramatic performances, the chance to meet our staff and scientists, tours, workshops and much, much more. Some of the highlights include:

Gamelan Gongs

Ever wanted to bang a gong like at the start of the movies? This is your chance. Come along to the Martin Harris Centre and see some huge Gamelan Gongs in action and have a try yourself.


Manchester is under quarantine. There has been a deadly outbreak of antibiotic resistant bacteria. As scientific advisers to the government you have been tasked to identify the infection and control the spread of disease. The clock is ticking. In Outbreak Control Teams, you will race against time to pick up data and information at various locations and save the city. Can you do it?

Robotics Research Lab

Robots of all shapes and sizes are the key to exploring extreme environments that humans can't enter. Come and meet a dancing bot with six legs and the wheelie bot that can scan a room in just a few minutes!

Make your own 3D models

The Digital Fabrication Centre uses printing for research and to build models. Come and play with our 3D doodle pens and make your own 3D model!

Moon and Meteorites

What does a piece of the moon look like up close? Or a piece of Mars? Is it really red? Hold pieces of the moon, collected by Apollo astronauts and meteorites from Mars in your own hands and discover from our scientists what they can tell you about space.

The University and you

Chat to our staff and find out about our job and training opportunities; how we can support you into university study; our sporting partnerships and facilities; and how you can work with us on our research to make a difference.

Our Community Festival is a key that we’re opening our doors to our local communities. Whether its getting behind the scenes of our research, learning more about study and work opportunities, taking part in live experiments and performances, or just having a fun day out for all the family, there will be lots of exciting hands-on activities that will give a taste of what we're doing to improve the world.
Dr Julian Skyrme, Director of Social Responsibility

The festival will take place from 11am - 3pm on Saturday 17 June. 

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