Upcoming improvement works at Main Library

We're connecting our new study spaces to power to improve your study experience.

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We recently installed a variety of new study spaces at the Main Library, including individual desk spaces, focused study booths and tables for group work and discussion. 

Over the Easter and Summer vacations, we will be connecting these spaces to power to enable you to charge devices while studying.


Scheduled improvements

We’ll be carrying out the work in the following areas between Monday, 11 and Sunday, 24 April:

- Library Lounge

- Green Ground

- Blue 1

- Blue 2

- Blue 3

- Blue 4


We will then connect spaces on Blue Ground to power during the Summer vacation to avoid disrupting your studies during the exam and assessment period. Work on Blue Ground will take place between Monday, 13 June and Sunday, 31 July.

Please be aware that during these times some areas of Main Library will be temporarily unavailable and there may be some noise disruption. Please ask a member of staff if you need help finding a book or a suitable study space.