Upcoming Seminar: Adoption of Digital Technologies and Skills in Greater Manchester

Mabel Sánchez Barrioluengo and Silvia Massini are hosting an online seminar based on the adoption of Digital Technologies and Skills in Greater Manchester, work in collaboration with the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce.

Salford Quays, Greater Mcr

Join Manchester Institute of Innovation Research and Work and Equalities Institute for an online discussion on ‘Adoption of Digital Technologies and Skills in Greater Manchester: Motivations, Barriers and Impact’ on Thursday 15th December from 12:30-13:30pm (GMT).

Digital technologies are increasingly adopted by businesses in both manufacturing and service industries, and their adoption affects and is affected by (digital) skills availability. This report presents an overview of the main results of the bespoke survey on the Adoption of Digital Technologies and Skills (ADiTS) in Greater Manchester. 

The survey represents a pioneering effort to identify the patterns of technology diffusion and pervasiveness of six advanced digital technologies at the firm level, namely, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, Cloud Computing, 3D-printing, Internet of Things (IoT) and Robotics. 

Not only does it shed light on the strategies to adopt digital technologies, but it also offers insights into the motivations, primary barriers experienced by enterprises, and the impact on employment and productivity these technologies might have. 

This report represents the first look at key statistics on technology adoption across firms and sectors in Greater Manchester. It identifies which technologies are at the early stages of diffusion as well as potential complementarities concluding some insights to advance the research frontier of technology diffusion in the digital era.

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