Who Ya Gonna Call? (in event of emergency)

A new one-man show that squares up to climate change is bringing its interactive performances to workplaces and theatres around the country, led by Professor of Drama at the University of Manchester Steve Scott-Bottoms.

A one-man show about climate resilience, Who Ya Gonna Call? jumps headlong into some of the most difficult questions about our uncertain future - with the help of some buckets, some sand, a few old records, and a dash of black humour.

Who Ya Gonna Call Steven Scott-BottomsWho Ya Gonna Call? is part of the UK Climate Resilience programme, developed in association with the Yorkshire and Humber Climate Commission (YHCC).

This warm and welcoming one-hour performance gives the audience plenty to think about, and even invites the adventurous to help out directly. After all, nobody can act alone on the climate change, so this one-man show might sometimes need a little help. 

Audiences can see the show for themselves at the Martin Harris Centre at The University of Manchester on 8 March 2023, and will ‘tour’ other spaces in due course. 

Who Ya Gonna Call? has been designed to work flexibly in theatre spaces, community halls, or office settings and is the first presentation by Vesper Hill, a new social enterprise co-founded by Scott-Bottoms, which uses storytelling, performances and workshops to explore the human and mental health dimensions of our environmental crisis. 

 “Are we prepared for climate change?,” Scott-Bottoms asks. “Researching this piece, I was really struck by the fact that the people we’ve tasked with sorting this out are few and far between. And they feel pretty overwhelmed by it all. With Who Ya Gonna Call?, I want to tell some of their stories -- and to encourage audiences to see that we all have a role to play, in facing the future.”

To find out more about the upcoming performance of Who Ya Gonna Call? at The Martin Harris Centre and to register to attend, please register for the performance via Eventbrite.


Vesper Hill is a new social enterprise, founded in 2022. We aim to use interactive storytelling, performances and workshops to explore the human and mental health dimensions of our environmental crisis, and to build capacity and resilience in organisations and communities.

We offer a variety of performances and workshop programmes for different contexts. We can also be commissioned to make new work, tailored specifically to your needs. info@vesperhill.org

Storyteller Steve Scott-Bottoms is the co-founder of Vesper Hill, and co-chair of YHCC’s Adaptation and Resilience panel. He researched this performance by interviewing other panel members, from a range of professional backgrounds. In his day job, he is Professor of Contemporary Theatre and Performance at The University of Manchester. In addition to being the author of several books, Steve is a theatre director, writer, performer and facilitator. 

Simon Brewis (director and co-deviser) is a theatre director and dramaturg who specialises in working with young people and community groups. He is the artistic director of Common Chorus Theatre Company.

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