Why the new Green New Deal must be feminist

University academic Sherilyn McGregor is working on a feminist Green New Deal to address gender and intersectional inequality as well as environmental and climate issues.

Dr Sherilyn MacGregor has been working with the Women’s Budget Group (WBG) and the Women’s Environmental Network (WEN) over the past year on a feminist Green New Deal, which is now a two-year funded project.

Over 2 years, the project will seek to build support for an intersectional Feminist Green New Deal in the UK; engaging environmental, women’s, racial and social justice organisations. It will do this by holding a series of roundtables (WBG), publishing policy papers (WBG), leading grassroots workshops (WEN), webinars and an event at COP26 in November 2021. We will produce an action statement at COP26 to galvanise support from campaigners, grassroots organisations, academics, policymakers and civil society.

As a follow up to their GND policy paper launched in May 2020, Sherilyn MacGregor and Maeve Cohen were commissioned to write a roadmap for use at the aforementioned events, leading up to COP21. They will be supporting the project as advisors throughout the process. Read more about the roadmap.

The roadmap was launched and discussed at a WBG webinar on 11 March, which was chaired by Zarina Ahmad, a new SCI PhD researcher, and was attended by 150 people.

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