We aim to help reduce congestion in the city – especially along Oxford Road – and minimise emissions by offering environmentally friendly incentives to our colleagues. These include interest-free loans for public transport season tickets, and a Cycle to Work scheme including 4,000 cycle parking spaces across campus.  

Our key travel commitments  

  • Limit annual air travel emissions to 50% of our 2018/19 level. 
  • Estimate and reduce our staff and students' travel emissions as part of their University lives. 
  • De-carbonise fleet vehicles by 2030 and provide electric vehicle charging points for staff, students and visitors. 
  • Promote active travel (walking, cycling) and encourage virtual meetings where possible. 

For more detail on our travel commitments, read Our Sustainable Future (PDF, 4.7MB).

Prioritising pedestrian access 

We make pedestrian access a priority on campus, putting in place guidance to ensure any updates are in line with our Code of Practice.  

Code of Practice summary

  • With the construction of a new building and/or public realm area, the access and routing of cyclists and pedestrians (many arriving by public transport) shall be given priority to provide an attractive option that highlights the importance placed on encouraging such travel behaviour. 
  • All pedestrian routes shall provide clear and consistent facilities to a building's entrance/s. 
  • Any new pedestrian and cycle routes shall be linked up to any current or future provision (both University and 'on highway').
  • Routes shall also consider the access from public transport facilities, such as bus stops and interchanges/stations. 
  • Designers shall consider how access from an interchange/station be improved by the design of the new building (such as entrance locations) and/or public realm facilities. 
  • Facilities shall be in-keeping with current provision but, where feasible, should look to further increase the attractiveness of public transport, walking and cycling. 

Staff, students and visitors 

Discover what we have put in place for our staff, students and visitors to help them to make sustainable travel choices, both for business and commuting.