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Prof Clive Agnew - further information

Additional Information

PhD students (completed)

Patrick, S 1987 Gully erosion in Gongola and Bauchi states, Nigeria PhD University of London.

Sule, A.R. 1994 Estimation of flood extent and depth in the Hadejia-NGuru floodplain. PhD., University of London.

Cox, J. 1995 Wind erodibility of soils in Eastern Botswana PhD., University of London.

Chappell, A. 1995 Geostatistical mapping and ordination analysis of 137Cs derived net soil flux in S.W. Niger. PhD., University of London.

Long,X. 1998 Particulate air pollution in central London: characterisation and source apportionment. PhD., University of London.

Patrick,E. 1999 Rainfall runoff harvesting in Kenya. PhD., University of London.

Gavin, H. 2001 Modelling the hydrology of the North Kent marshes. Due to completion June. PhD., University of London.

Jarred Ahmed 2005 Rainfall harvesting in Jordan PhD. University of Manchester.

Guska-Tucker, D. 2006 Managing wetland evaporation at Pevensey. PhD., University of London.

Steve Daniels 2006 Upland catchment dynamics PhD University of Manchester.

Julia Brown 2008 Participatory approaches to Integrated Catchment Management in South Africa. PhD University of Manchester.