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Prof Clive Agnew - research

Research interests

Climatology, Hydrology,Peatlands, Drylands

I am an applied climatologist and hydro-meteorologist working on problems of environmental degradation and environmental status assessment. I have worked extensively in both the drylands and the wetlands of Africa, Europe and the Middle East, developing strategies for the improved management of water shortages at local and regionallevels. I am currently engaged in studies of wetland hydrology in the UK with an emphasis up boundary layer fluxes and assessing the spatial variability of climate change predictions. There are three main strands to my current work,

hydro-meteorological investigation of boundary layer fluxes,
climatological analysis of the impacts of climate change.
Hydrological responses to restoration of degraded peatlands
Wetlands (upland and lowland) are employed to model evaporation and subsurface moisture/energy fluxes leading to revisions of penman-monteith and MORECS/MOSES operational estimates. Recent results revise our understanding of surface resistances, spatial variations and the use of the equilibrium model.
Examination of thecomplex linkages between drought and land degradation has questioned the simplistic notions of regional homogeneity and lack of effective monitoring, leading to debate on the possible artefact introduced into the climate record through 20th Century network changes. The implications of this are significant and raise questions about unmapped spatial variability in climate forecasts and the incidence of drought.