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Prof Colin Talbot - publications

List of publications



  • Richards, D., Munro, E., & Talbot, C.Targets? More targets! Even less change and more continuity in the performance regime in Whitehall. Publication link: fbcb9344-4058-45a8-aa5e-abb70395b1a3


  • Talbot, C., & Talbot, C. (2014). Sir Humphrey and the Professors: What does Whitehall want from Academics? No publisher name.. Publication link: 4123efa9-d002-4b6a-ad3b-59b0b583b079


  • Talbot, C., & Talbot, C. R. (2013). Children's services: The impact of service integration in England. In Crossing Boundaries in Public Management and Policy: The International Experience|Crossing Boundaries in Public Management and Policy: The International Experience: The International Experience. (pp. 213-228). London: Taylor and Francis. DOI: 10.4324/9780203106907. Publication link: ea790d72-0256-46ab-b17e-0b76a82e83d6


  • Talbot, C. (2012). Standards for Public Performance Reporting. (Policy@manchester White Papers). website: policy@manchester.. Publication link: 0ddbb5b6-f7d9-4f9e-a473-e82ce6eb88ac
  • Talbot, C., & Talbot, C. L. (2012). Developing a Typology of Public Sector Mergers (in review). International Review of Administrative Sciences. . Publication link: d75e7b92-303a-4048-b7af-5680ef6277fe



  • Talbot, C., & Wiggan, J. (2010). The public value of the National Audit Office. International Journal of Public Sector Management, 23(1), 54-70. DOI: 10.1108/09513551011012321. Publication link: c1c2da76-85a9-40ab-8836-da2c67deab17
  • Talbot, C., Brookes, S. (Ed.), & Grint, K. (Ed.) (2010). Central Government Reform and Leadership. In The New Public leadership Challenge. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan . . Publication link: 0991bfb1-662c-4045-a700-cccb8127e237
  • Talbot, C. (2010). Performance in Government - The Evolving System of Performance and Evaluation Measurement, Monitoring and Management in the United Kingdom (ECD WP No.24). (Evaluation Capacity Development Working Papers). Washington DC: World Bank International Evaluation Group.. Publication link: 8a05b53f-31a0-434c-ab44-ef7b57063763
  • Talbot, C., Walshe, K. (Ed.), Harvey, G. (Ed.), & Jas, P. (Ed.) (2010). Conclusions: A Puzzle, Three Pieces, Many Theories and a Problem. In Connecting Knowledge and Performance in Public Services: From Knowing to Doing. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. . Publication link: 8213d911-b701-4a26-b1fc-044a60e5c712
  • Talbot, C. (2010). Theories of Performance: organizational and service improvement in the public domain. (1 ed.) Oxford: Oxford University Press.. Publication link: 9b6544c2-9306-4d58-9b4e-f1c82b5f192b



  • Johnson, C., Talbot, C., Dooren, W. V. (Ed.), & Valle, S. V. D. (Ed.) (2008). UK Parliamentary Scrutiny of PSAs: a challenge too far? In Performance Information in the Public Sector: How it is used. (pp. 140-156). London: Palgrave. . Publication link: c8f01c6d-8a99-48f1-994f-26690656df65





  • Talbot, C., Talbot, C., & Johnson, C. (2003). Budget Setting and Financial Scrutiny: experiences in devolved/regional governments - 'open, accessible and accountable to the people of Scotland' [report for the Scottish Parliament Finance Committee. (Scottish Parliament Finance Committee). No publisher name.. Publication link: 6a6d29a0-6939-4d4d-8c4a-d7eab34a17f0
  • Talbot, C. (2003). La Reforme de la Gestion Publique et ses Paradoxes: l'experience britannique. Unknown Journal, 105, 11-24. DOI: 10.3917/rfap.105.0011. Publication link: 9e6c02e1-8029-407d-b1fe-78469587ba25
  • Talbot, C., & Pollitt, C. (2003). Unbundled Government:A critical analysis of the global trend to agencies, quangos & contractualisation. London: Routledge.. Publication link: efce4ff6-ed6b-4575-8ec4-6d1f7e31700f