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Prof Jackie Stacey - publications

List of publications



  • Stacey, J., & Wolff, J. (Ed.) (2013). Writing Otherwise: Experiments in Cultural Criticism. Manchester: Manchester University Press.. Publication link: 842b45cf-1b8d-42b9-bf90-327035a54ea9
  • Stacey, J., & Wolff, J. (Ed.) (2013). On Being Open to Difference: Cosnopolitanism and the Psychoanalysis of Groups. In Writing Otherwise: Experiments in Cultural Criticism. Manchester: University of Manchester Press. . Publication link: 4ebb91b1-bde2-49ec-aa63-12b619377fd0
  • Bryson, M. K., & Stacey, J. (2013). Cancer Knowledge in the Plural: Queering the Biopolitics of Narrative and Affective Mobilities. Journal of Medical Humanities, 34(2), 197-212. DOI: 10.1007/s10912-013-9206-z. Publication link: 601b6adc-0516-4594-bc4f-fd7408fca9c1
  • Stacey, J., & Wolff, J. (2013). Writing Otherwise. In Writing Otherwise: Experiments in Cultural Criticism. Manchester UK: University of Manchester Press. . Publication link: e76f821f-78b9-43be-9109-cc66683ece07
  • Stacey, J., Bryson, M., Bell, K. (Ed.), & Ristovski-Slijepcevic, S. (Ed.) (2013). Queering the Temporality of Cancer Survivorship. In Critically Interrogating Cancer Survivorship. New York: New York University Press. . Publication link: ae4f8354-bd40-4ae6-9123-1746e8135fa8
  • Stacey, J., Irving, A. (Ed.), & Schiller, N. G. (Ed.) (2013). The Uneasy Cosmopolitans of Code Unknown. In Whose Cosmopolitanism?: Critical Cosmopolitanism, Relationalities and Discontents. New York: Berghahn. . Publication link: a050891c-8d83-40e9-a304-22e763df86cb





  • Stacey, J., Angerer, M-L. (Ed.), & Konig, C. (Ed.) (2008). Cloning Films with a Difference: Engineering Life, Animating Gender. In Gender Goes Life: Die Lebenswissenschaften als Herausforderung fur die Gender Studies. (pp. 223-246). Bielefeld: Transcript-Verlag. . Publication link: 3220affd-7cf9-441c-bf0a-93416156d1ce
  • Stacey, J., Smelik, A. (Ed.), & Lykke, N. (Ed.) (2008). Screening the Gene: Hollywood Cinema and the Genetic Imaginary. In Bits of Life: Feminism at the Intersections of Media, Bioscience and Technology. (pp. 94-112). Washington: University of Washington Press. . Publication link: c8982a0c-7823-4744-840f-860d24bb6a09


  • Stacey, J., & Street, S. (2007). Queering Screen. In Queer Screen: A Screen Reader. (pp. 1-18). Abingdon: Routledge. . Publication link: dfb4311c-b60a-4510-a100-903a9a1627ea
  • Stacey, J., & Street, S. (2007). Queer Screen: A Screen Reader. (Screen Readers). Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge.. Publication link: cd830d14-3d50-44ff-9432-cfb1968fc6ed
  • Stacey, J., Cook, P. (Ed.), & Barden, R. (Ed.) (2007). Queer Theory and New Queer Cinema. In The Cinema Book (3rd edition). (pp. 505-508). London: British Film Institute. . Publication link: 9825e81b-8555-4149-bd37-1c6ce62cdc4b



  • Stacey, J. (2004). Imitation of Life: the Politics of the New Genetics in Cinema. In Sings of Life: Cinema and Medicine. (pp. 153-165). Wallflower Press. . Publication link: d3580367-8c2e-491e-9dc2-35ddf98aea16




  • Stacey, J., Hollows, J. (Ed.), Hutchings, P. (Ed.), & Jancovich, M. (Ed.) (2000). Feminine Fascinations: A Question of Identification. In The Film Studies Reader. Edward Arnold: London. . Publication link: 066343da-b42f-4684-91e8-ac2aaa5f34c0
  • Stacey, J., Franklin, S., & Lury, C. (2000). Global Nature, Global Culture. Sage.. Publication link: 57bd2bbc-231d-4da2-aaac-891461d1d7a0
  • Hinds, H., & Stacey, J. (2000). Imaging Feminism, Imaging Femininity: The Bra-Burner, Diana and the Woman Who Kills. Feminist Media Studies, 1(2), 153-177. . Publication link: a252a0ae-c651-42c7-a9fe-98404a65bdbd





  • Stacey, J., Dunker, P. (Ed.), & Robinson, V. (Ed.) (1996). Conquering Heroes: The Politics of Cancer Narratives. In Cancer: Through the Eyes of Ten Women. (pp. 1-33). Pandora. . Publication link: 05e56a3f-8ffc-4ecc-99fc-f814fdc40f10


  • Stacey, J., & Pearce, L. (Ed.) (1995). Romance Revisited. Lawrence & Wishart.. Publication link: 7c1c4ef4-9ad8-4527-b6d0-3f6711b57ab9
  • Stacey, J., & Pearce, L. (1995). The Heart of the Matter: Feminists Revisit Romance. In Romance Revisited. (pp. 11-45). Lawrence & Wishart. . Publication link: b1d9a348-d166-40cb-86a0-5be9c037719d
  • Stacey, J., & Skeggs, B. (Ed.) (1995). The Lost Audience: Methodology, Cinema History and Feminist Film Criticism. In Feminist Cultural Theory: Production and Process. (pp. 97-118). Manchester University Press. . Publication link: f220494d-1302-4568-b67e-acfa012de018
  • Stacey, J., & Wilton, T. (Ed.) (1995). "If You Don't Play, You Can't Win": Desert Hearts and the Romance Film. In Immortal, Invisible: Lesbians and the Cinema. (pp. 92-114). Routledge. . Publication link: f46c8ca2-40ee-4ee3-a7e6-dbf28989e2ba





  • Stacey, J., & Gledhill, C. (Ed.) (1991). Feminine Fascinations: Forms of Identification in Star/Audience Relations. In Stardom: Industry of Desire. (pp. 141-163). Routledge. . Publication link: 657b075c-7935-4a12-82d3-bd02bc0eb897
  • Stacey, J., Franklin, S. (Ed.), & Lury, C. (Ed.) (1991). Off-Centre: Feminism and Cultural Studies. Harper Collins/Routledge.. Publication link: 00b236a2-af32-408a-996a-c118bd07e7db
  • Stacey, J., Hinds, H., & Phoenix, A. (1991). Working Out: New Directions for Women's Studies. Falmer Press.. Publication link: 1116c221-94f1-441e-9556-9a02cf482170
  • Franklin, S., Lury, C., & Stacey, J. (1991). Feminism and Cultural Studies: Pasts, Presents and Futures. Media Culture and Society, 13(2), 171-192. . Publication link: 9ed29248-fbfa-4b40-9084-482077e8b79c
  • Stacey, J. (1991). Promoting Normality. In Off- Centre: Feminism and Cultural Studies. (pp. 284-304). Sarah Franklin, Celia Lury and Jackie Stacey (eds): Harper Collins/Routledge. . Publication link: a465c97e-f75a-46bf-b6ac-b0e05f01eb34
  • Stacey, J., Franklin, S., & Lury, C. (1991). Introduction 2: Feminism, Marxism and Thatcherism. In Off-Centre: Feminism and Cultural Studies. (pp. 21-46). Routledge/Harper Collins. . Publication link: ac8549e2-4a2e-44e8-88a9-d78f514a40e0
  • Stacey, J., Franklin, S., & Lury, C. (1991). Introduction 1: Feminism and Cultural Studies. In Off-Centre: Feminism and Cultural Studies. (pp. 1-19). Harper Collins/Routledge. . Publication link: e02d1c89-6685-42fa-aaaa-28a90d215939


  • Stacey, J., & Franklin, S. (1988). Dyketactics for Difficult Times: the ‘Homosexuality, Which Homosexuality? Conference'. Feminist Review, (29), 136-150. . Publication link: 78431e42-032d-4602-a9a1-9afa3e9f6e65