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Dr Andrew James - publications

List of publications


  • Edler, J., & James, A. D. (2015). Understanding the emergence of new science and technology policies: Policy entrepreneurship, agenda setting and the development of the European Framework Programme. Research Policy, 44, 1252-1265. DOI: 10.1016/j.respol.2014.12.008. Publication link: 7b18bf23-6779-416a-a0ae-f25d5f1b6f92


  • James, A. D., & Teichler, T. (2014). Defence and security: issues and impacts. Foresight, 16(2), 165-175. DOI: 10.1108/FS-06-2012-0042. Publication link: 48a8e046-45d3-4b53-971b-adebc46d1747
  • James, A. D., Gee, S., Love, J. H., Roper, S., & Willis, J. (2014). Small firm-large firm relationships and the implications for small firm innovation: what do we know? (Enterprise Research Centre working paper series; No. 9). Aston Business School, Birmingham, UK.. Publication link: 28337d67-c2f9-41bb-9362-8355020dba80
  • James, A. D., & Thomas, D. (2014). Opening up secret science: negotiating boundaries between the military and "non traditional" sources of knowledge. In host publication.. Publication link: ee087f65-e21f-4a1b-b381-fa0b9410a1bb


  • James, A. D., Chan, A., Erice, O., Siriwardena, A. K., & Bruce, J. I. E. (2013). Glycolytic ATP fuels the plasma membrane calcium pump critical for pancreatic cancer cell survival. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 288(50), 36007-36019. DOI: 10.1074/jbc.M113.502948. Publication link: 8ad2e9d7-e455-4d09-a32d-e1f022eed4f2 | PubMed:24158437


  • James, A. D. (2011). The Changing Nature of the Defence Industry and the Defence Innovation System: Organisational Actors, Relationships and System Boundaries University of Manchester. Publication link: 1d04e873-a429-4a3c-a076-d36eeee9aef6
  • James, A. D., Miles, I., Auffermann, B. (Ed.), & Kaskinen, J. (Ed.) (2011). Using scenarios to characterise complex policy interrelationships: the SANDERA project. In Security in Futures – Security in Change: Proceedings of the Conference “Security in Futures – Security in Change". (Vol. eBOOK 5/2011, pp. 154-167). Turku, Finland: Finland Futures Research Centre. . Publication link: ab35ef35-f607-45d8-ab33-311c000b031b


  • James, A. D., & Judkin, P. (2010). Crashed before take-off: the Anglo-French Variable Geometry programme, 1965-1967. Histoire, Économie et Société, 2010(4), 51-73. DOI: 10.3917/hes.104.0051. Publication link: a5fdff0d-e47d-4fd5-814e-4af888a988e0
  • James, A., & Trybus, . U. (2010). Study on State Control of Strategic Defence Assets. (FINAL REPORT to DG Enterprise, Tender no ENTR/09/019). Manchester: Manchester Institute of Innovation Research.. Publication link: 68aa865d-190f-4092-b829-fbe056b0273f



  • James, A. D., & Alcaro, R. (Ed.) (2008). Accessing the US defence market: a European perspective. In Re-Launching the Transatlantic Security Partnership. (pp. 75-84). Rome: Istituto Affari Internazionali. . Publication link: 257eeecd-9d32-451b-ad3d-91d3123cfd50
  • James, A. D., Hartley, K., Lazaric, N., & Gasparini, G. (2008). Study on How to Measure the Strengths and Weaknesses of the Defence Technological and Industrial Base in Europe. European Defence Agency.. Publication link: b4904529-bfe7-476d-b1cd-937745bdfaac
  • James, A. D. (2008). The Defence Industry and ‘Transformation’: A European Perspective. Security Challenges, 4(4), 39-55. . Publication link: 9ff9dc83-a5f8-4250-914a-7d2690cc36fb


  • Gamlen, P., James, A., & Allen, J. (2007). Formal versus informal knowledge networks: challenges for R&D management. R&D Management, 37(3), 179-196. . Publication link: cb84394e-a546-4414-9e72-0eb075720b6b




  • James, A. (2004). The Treatment of Myopia as a Case of Competition Between Multiple Dominant Designs. In host publication.. Publication link: bb07bc91-710b-4056-88b7-b31baa708a12
  • James, A. (2004). European Defense R&T Co-operation: a work in progress. In host publication. Washington DC: John Hopkins University. . Publication link: e2e9369e-5601-4958-a596-7f606129eb32
  • James, A. (2004). The Defense Industry and Transformation: a European perspective. In host publication. Washington DC: John Hopkins University. . Publication link: d3d20c9a-47c4-43db-ae25-0e507d17bdc7
  • James, A. (2004). US Defence and Homeland Security R&D Spending: an analysis of the impact. In host publication.. Publication link: 31814507-e600-4aa8-8be5-9aeb3f8b84a5
  • James, A. (2004). US Military Transformation: European responses and the lessons for the Asia Pacific region. In host publication.. Publication link: 37f87eb8-65a6-4d7b-a5ee-93fa72cb949c
  • James, A. (2004). Delivering Network Enabled Capability: industrial, procurement and policy challenges for the UK [FIND Programme Report]. FOA Defence Research Establishment.. Publication link: 49492390-30c6-40ac-ae12-dbc10ccf1679
  • James, A. (2004). US Defence R&D Spending: an analysis of the impacts [rapporteur's report for the EURAB working group ERA Scope and Vision]. No publisher name.. Publication link: 15dca6ba-19a4-47cf-961e-ff5c002c602f
  • Howells, J., James, A., & Malik, K. (2004). Sourcing External Technological Knowledge: a decision support framework for companies. Int. Journal of Technology Management, 27(2/3), 143-154. DOI: 10.1504/IJTM.2004.003949. Publication link: 1b91c439-2876-4da0-a027-8328727fd802
  • James, A. (2004). The Evolution of Anglo-French Armaments Co-operation - from Jaguar to the CVF. In host publication. Paris: CNRS Editions. . Publication link: 82fa759c-073c-42b9-b6cc-81c347e564bf
  • James, A. (2004). Network Enabled Capability: disruptive technologies and long-term change in the defence industry. In host publication.. Publication link: 5f81c335-5af1-4795-8f99-960bd55433cc



  • Howells, J., James, A., & Malik, K. (2002). The Sourcing of Technological Knowledge: distributed innovation processes and dynamic change. In host publication.. Publication link: c37a79cb-cd26-413a-b8b9-ce45a3a97cbd
  • James, A., & Gee, S. (2002). Turning Information into Money: the practical implications of knowledge management. (A paper presented at the Technology Strategy Forum meeting in September 2002.). No publisher name.. Publication link: c34903d3-b1d5-40f8-a9a4-bb2a0e3f1b53
  • James, A. (2002). Comparing European Responses to Defense Industry Globalisation. Unknown Journal, 18. . Publication link: bf45eb58-64ed-4136-992b-5204160d9f06
  • James, A. (2002). Comparing European Responses to Defence Industry Globalisation. In host publication. Washington DC: The Atlantic Council of the United States. . Publication link: ce810a3f-3df1-422b-b819-3921d316e15e
  • James, A. D. (2002). The strategic management of mergers and acquisitions in the pharmaceutical industry: Developing a resource-based perspective. Technology Analysis and Strategic Management, 14(3), 299-313. DOI: 10.1080/0953732022000002122. Publication link: 9ef98eec-2032-4be6-9b75-6dd286543053
  • James, A., Rod, C., & Randles, S. (2002). Healthy business? Capabilities, Complexity and Restructuring in Pharmaceuticals. Unknown Journal, 14. . Publication link: 73349f1c-5989-43bc-9b21-2b2741537cc7


  • Howells, J., & James, A. (2001). Global Companies and Local Markets: the internationalisation of product design and development activities. In host publication. London: Palgrave. . Publication link: 35e6fa31-05a9-476f-95a6-251114dbc374
  • James, A. (2001). Defence Industry Consolidation and Post-merger Management: lessons from the United States. Unknown Journal, 1. . Publication link: 62e60704-1deb-40a8-be32-79da1d2f170e
  • James, A. (2001). The Prospects for a Transatlantic Defence Industry. In host publication. Paris. . Publication link: 932c10d6-2436-45ea-b5ff-72f22d5586d1
  • James, A. (2001). The Defence Industry and Globalisation - Challenging Traditional Structures. (FOA - R; Vol. 00-01698-170). FOA Defence Research Establishment.. Publication link: b0cf85ae-b763-41ba-aac8-e9efcffe114f


  • Howells, J., James, A., & Malik, K. (2000). Distributed Innovation Processes and the Sourcing of Technological Knowledge: developing a decision support framework for companies. Unknown Journal. . Publication link: cde1016c-7a82-48f2-aa9d-cb8b1b100f8c
  • James, A. (2000). Medium Sized Defence Electronics Companies and US Defence Industry Restructuring. FOA Swedish Defence Research Establishment.. Publication link: f0792d1f-5104-450f-8ce7-0567d9bb254c
  • James, A. (2000). Knowledge and capabilities - a new view of the firm. In host publication. London, NY: Manchester University Press. . Publication link: 8f7f11a8-6fe4-4c4d-b67e-ae70878d4589


  • James, A. (1999). Post-merger Strategies of the Leading US Defence Aerospace Companies [FIND Programme User Report]. (FOA - R; Vol. 98-00941-170). FOA Defence Research Establishment.. Publication link: 1d4ab243-2498-4106-8c25-f9e1c3114f24


  • Metcalfe, S., James, A. D., Georghiou, L., & Stanley Metcalfe, J. (1998). Integrating technology into merger and acquisition decision making. Technovation, 18(8-9), 563-573. . Publication link: d212834d-08e0-413f-bdd5-04d81cf7988a