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Prof Kevin Morgan - publications

List of publications



  • Morgan, K., & Bouillot, F., (TRANS.) (2016). Staline, Dimitrov et le culte de l'individu. Monde(s): histoire, espace, relations, 10, 69-88. . Publication link: 69d626f2-ebb1-4d0a-bc9f-0e1d96521c67



  • Morgan, K., Farras, J. P., (TRANS.), Morente, F. (Ed.), & Rodrigo, J. (Ed.) (2014). “Soldado de la Paz”. In Tierras de nadie: La Primera Guerra Mundial y sus consecuencias. (pp. 155-178). Granada: Comares. . Publication link: 844fa311-0070-4259-8443-4ab12c9b148e
  • Morgan, K., & Davis, M. (2014). Causes That Were Lost? Fifty Years of E. P. Thompson's The Making of the English Working Class as Contemporary History. Contemporary British History, 28(4), 374-381. DOI: 10.1080/13619462.2014.962901. Publication link: 75c5703d-9b56-4cd0-bbdf-5bd38859c7ca
  • Morgan, K. (2014). As Everlasting Yea, a No: Agency, Necessity and The Making of the English Working Class. Contemporary British History, 28(4), 457-476. DOI: 10.1080/13619462.2014.962912. Publication link: 310b8944-7dff-49ca-a923-4640a2b1025c
  • Morgan, K., Cordillot, M., (TRANS.), Pennetier, C. (Ed.), & Pudal, B. (Ed.) (2014). Regards comparatifs sur la biographie collective des communismes français et britannique. In Le sujet communiste: Identités militantes et laboratoires du « moi ». (pp. 217-226). Rennes: Presses Universitaires de Rennes. . Publication link: 1cf87829-1804-41e3-8ba4-277b1532b1d9


  • Morgan, K. (2013). Memory and meanings of community in 1926. History Workshop Journal, 75, 297-305. . Publication link: d79cb511-30ee-45b7-bb8c-18bf28e82c7b
  • Morgan, K. (2013). Turnings taken and not taken on Britain’s road to 1945. Soundings, (54), 77-89. . Publication link: 6d084d90-180e-4bce-ab6d-8deb6b0db9e0
  • Morgan, K. (2013). Bastions, black spots and other variations: in and beyond the specificities of the Little Moscow. Twentieth Century Communism, 5, 193-209. . Publication link: 8e272809-a5c6-4b85-8f34-f8f8865249fb
  • Morgan, K. (2013). Class cohesion and trade-union internationalism: Fred Bramley, the British TUC, and the Anglo-Russian Advisory Council. International Review of Social History, 58(3), 429-462. . Publication link: 35a52f95-77fd-4f54-8385-0f42e79bd658
  • Morgan, K. (2013). In and out of the swamp: the unpublished autobiography of Peter Petroff. Scottish Labour History, 48, 23-51. . Publication link: 4b5a6e53-cc35-4d35-8a15-0aa54e5d2a26


  • Morgan, K., Majander, M. (Ed.), & Rentola, K. (Ed.) (2012). A Worm's-Eye View of Finland? In Ei ihan teorian mukaan. (pp. 139-152). Helsinki: Työväen historian ja perinteen tutkimuksen seura & Yhteiskunnallinen arkistosäätiö. . Publication link: e91bc053-1f05-480d-9e39-0a4af75ca456
  • Morgan, K., & LaPorte, N. (2012). Learning from the future? Begegnungen deutscher und britischer Gewerkschafter mit Amerika in den Zwanzigerjahren. Jahrbuch für Historische Kommunismus-Forschung, (2012), 129-143. . Publication link: b52b6552-bb0a-4e0a-a789-b0882472b1c2


  • Morgan, K. (2011). Harry Pollitt, Rhondda East and the Cold War collapse of the British communist electorate. Llafur, 10(4), 16-31. . Publication link: df7d64a3-fc43-41fc-a570-91d77be98da2
  • Morgan, K. (2011). Socialists and 'mobility' in twentieth-century Britain: Images and experiences in the life histories of british communists. Social History, 36(2), 143-168. DOI: 10.1080/03071022.2011.563824. Publication link: f429643a-991b-47e9-ad35-46f3261345e6
  • Morgan, K. (2011). Multiplexité et/ou multiplicité? Regards comparatifs sur la biographie collective du communisme britannique. Matériaux pour l’histoire de notre temps, (104-5), 32-36. . Publication link: 80df213d-c2b1-47ad-8ba0-e97268472081
  • Morgan, K., Bauerkämper, A. (Ed.), & Palma, F. D. (Ed.) (2011). Besonderer Weg oder Irrweg?: Britische Kommunisten und die KPD/SED als stalinistisches Beispiel. In Die SED transnational: Bruderparteien jenseits des Eisernen Vorgangs. (pp. 102-122). Berlin: Christoph Links Verlag. . Publication link: 7fba9db3-c82a-46ae-8aa0-bc595e17f965


  • Morgan, K., Pakier, G. (Ed.), & Strath, B. (Ed.) (2010). 'Neither help nor pardon? Communist pasts in Western Europe'. In 'A European Memory? Contested Histories and Politics of Remembrance'. (pp. 260-274). New York & Oxford: Bergahn Books. . Publication link: efcf5eff-418a-48d3-98e5-9e5109481f70
  • Morgan, K., Howell, D., & Kirby, D. (2010). John Saville: commitment and history: Themes from the life and work of a socialist historian. London: Lawrence & Wishart.. Publication link: e74f85bc-7f49-4479-a1a7-bf8a2bc4ac2f
  • Morgan, K., & Peacey, J. (2010). 'The good old cause for which i suffer': The life of a regicide in exile. In Literatures of Exile in the English Revolution and its Aftermath, 1640-1690|Literatures of Exile in the Engl. Revolut. and its Aftermath, 1640-1690: Themes from the life and work of a socialist historian. (pp. 167-180). London: Ashgate Publishing Ltd.. . Publication link: d4ac4d8a-5bca-4bfc-8e39-9ddad6890f57
  • Morgan, K. (2010). International movement, national histories: recent work on communism in France and the USA. Journal of Communist Studies and Transition Politics, 26(4), 571-584. DOI: 10.1080/13523279.2010.519191. Publication link: b2b4ac89-26c4-4280-9409-09e733a5f69d
  • Morgan, K., Gildart, K. (Ed.), & Howell, D. (Ed.) (2010). Douglas Hyde (1911-1996), campaigner and journalist. In Dictionary of Labour Biography vol. XIII. (pp. 162-175). Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan . . Publication link: 351c64a7-1ce4-448a-b69f-44cb77516e56
  • Morgan, K. (2010). ‘Away from the party and into “the party”: British wartime communism and the 1945 election’. Socialist History, 37, 80-102. . Publication link: 2375f3ee-b311-4f29-b5aa-7b7bcdcfa334



  • Morgan, K., & LaPorte, N. (2008). Der Rote Frontkämpfer und der Militante Gewerkschafter: Konstruktionen der proletarischen Führerfigur in Deutschland und Großbritannien. Jahrbuch fuer Historische Kommunismusforschung, 68-80. . Publication link: 26248d7b-a779-4f52-a1d5-2d4aa34a9469
  • LaPorte, M. (Ed.), Morgan, K., & Worley, . U. (Ed.) (2008). “Kings among their subjects”? Ernst Thälmann, Harry Pollitt and the leadership cult as stalinization'. In Bolshevism, Stalinism and the Comintern. DOI: 10.1057/9780230227583_7. Publication link: fcce9cea-12c1-4d44-bd5f-04c6fce476b3
  • Morgan, K., LaPorte, N. (Ed.), & Worley, M. (Ed.) (2008). Bolshevism, Stalinism and the Comintern 1919-43: perpsectives on stalinization. Palgrave.. Publication link: f01860b9-3b24-413c-90b4-ff5fb50dddb6


  • Morgan, K., Gotovitch, J. (Ed.), & Morelli, A. (Ed.) (2007). 'Pluralisme de la presse radicale en Grande Bretagne: les organes de factions et de personnalités'. In Presse communiste, presse radicale (1919-2000). Passé/Présent/Avenir?. Brussels: Editions Aden. . Publication link: b11e1407-51ff-4c7c-9d2a-aaaf0624b75d
  • Morgan, K. (2007). British guild socialists and the exemplar of the Panama Canal. History of Political Thought, 28(1), 120-157. . Publication link: fefbc15b-a73f-45ff-8867-6a923351b9d4
  • Morgan, K., Cohen, G., & Flinn, A. (2007). Communists and British Society 1920-1991. Rivers Oram Press.. Publication link: 54a5f4b1-9090-40b1-91fb-f7410e1cbbfc


  • Morgan, K. (2006). Ramsay MacDonald. Haus Publishing.. Publication link: c51108fe-b093-45cc-92bb-9014510bc468
  • Morgan, K. (2006). Labour Legends and Russian Gold: Bolshevism and the British Left: Part one. Lawrence & Wishart.. Publication link: a52e0db0-de40-4370-91e8-f6c5acd0cec9
  • Morgan, K. (2006). `A brit szocializmus es a labourizmus kritikaja 1931-32?A nemeztközi munkásmozgalom történetéből Évkönyv 2007 (International Labour Movement Yearbook 2007), 33. . Publication link: d0766634-355a-4ddc-aba6-709cd6bf694a
  • Morgan, K. (2006). Ainsi pour Gallacher? Quelques regards sur la construction de la vie communiste modele en Grande-Bretagne. Communisme, 87. . Publication link: ee949138-362f-434e-9741-3871d19d20d8
  • Morgan, K., Groppo, B. (Ed.), & Unfried, B. (Ed.) (2006). `The same mould or different moulds? Reflections on a prosopography of the Communist Party of Great Britain (CPGB)? In Gesichter in der Menge. Kollektivbiographische Forschungen zur Geschichte der Arbeiterbewegung. ITH. . Publication link: f9d60618-63b2-4bf5-8499-628c7b764d9f
  • Morgan, K., & Callaghan, J. (2006). The open conspiracy of the Communist Party and the case of W.N. Ewer, communist and anti-communist. Historical Journal. . Publication link: 197a4d0c-ebb9-425a-923e-f0add8cf0d89
  • Morgan, K. (2006). The Webbs and Soviet Communism: Bolshevism and the British Left: Part Two. Lawrence & Wishart.. Publication link: 946febb6-8265-4bf9-9d0f-b4ce4ef2a96d


  • Morgan, K., Flinn, A. (Ed.), & Cohen, G. (Ed.) (2005). A family party? Some genealogical reflections on the CPGB. In Agents of the Revolution. New biographical approaches to the history of international communism in the age of Lenin and Stalin. Peter Lang. . Publication link: 72b48ae3-914e-472a-8dec-bbeaa801a3b9
  • Morgan, K. (2005). The problem of the epoch? Labour and housing, 1918-1951. Twentieth Century British History, 16, 3. DOI: 10.1093/tweceb/hwi029. Publication link: e806b1d2-24d1-4ff1-8030-e67a3398560f
  • Morgan, K., Flinn, A., & Cohen, G. (2005). Agents of the Revolution. New biographical approaches to the history of international communism in the age of Lenin and Stalin. Peter Lang.. Publication link: f4a30715-71e1-42e9-802d-94fa4683cb5b
  • Morgan, K., Gottlieb, J. (Ed.), & Toye, R. (Ed.) (2005). Harry Pollitt, Maurice Thorez and the writing of exemplary communist lives. In Making Reputations: power, persuasion and the individual in British politics. I. B. Tauris. . Publication link: fff4b142-c764-4451-a6fc-592e9b29a235


  • Morgan, K. (2004). The historiography of the British Communist Party: further considerations. Mitteilungsblatt des Instituts für soziale Bewegungen. . Publication link: 99cc0fde-6f9f-4374-a662-0f82113eb298
  • Cohen, G., & Morgan, K. (2004). British Students at the International Lenin School 1926-37: a reaffirmation of methods, results and conclusions. Twentieth Century British History, 15(1). . Publication link: 3c98ab7b-b2ec-4c02-8555-b81af4dfd11f


  • Morgan, K., Cohen, G., Gildart, K. (Ed.), Howell, D. (Ed.), & Kirk, N. (Ed.) (2003). Rose Cohen (1894-1937), communist. In Dictionary of Labour Biography vo1. 11. Palgrave. . Publication link: 450cee12-a717-4266-bce8-df4f888299ab
  • Morgan, K., & Flinn, A. (2003). George Hardy (1884-1966), syndicalist and communist. In Dictionary of Labour Biography vol. 11. Palgrave. . Publication link: 596a9f5b-ccd5-4712-96fc-57d240a0cb79
  • Morgan, K. (2003). Rummaging in Trotsky's dustbin or What does the left need with history?Soundings, 23. . Publication link: 806915c2-f11f-4f9b-83f0-88c7c46a1179


  • Morgan, K., Ball, S. (Ed.), & Holliday, I. (Ed.) (2002). The Conservative Party and mass housing, 1918-39. In Mass Conservatism. The Conservatives and the public since the 1880s. Frank Cass. . Publication link: 50ac612a-3683-438b-83fd-70d5f9b50c60
  • Morgan, K., & Cohen, G. (2002). Stalin's sausage machine. British students at the International Lenin School 1926-1937. Twentieth Century British History, 13, 4. . Publication link: 64fd4328-c033-4842-ab0d-b4e7fc8d6ac4
  • Morgan, K. (2002). Labour with knobs on. The recent historiography of the British Communist Party. Mitteilungsblatt des Instituts für soziale Bewegungen, 27. . Publication link: c18a79b4-b0af-4ba5-803c-5d3dee389bc4


  • Morgan, K. C., & A. McIllroy, J. (Ed.) (2001). Parts of people and communist lives. In Party People, Communist Lives. Lawrence & Wishart. . Publication link: 55374c17-2d6b-4f46-bb7c-7e76a0c50568


  • Morgan, K., Bellamy, J. (Ed.), & Saville, J. (Ed.) (2000). Walter Hannington (1896-1966). Communist, unemployed activist and trade union organiser. In The Dictionary of Labour Biography. Macmillan. . Publication link: cefec400-676e-485c-b552-99edf8f9aeb3



  • Morgan, K., Saarela, T. (Ed.), & Rentola, K. (Ed.) (1998). Harry Pollitt, the British Communist Party and international Communism. In Communism: national and international. Helsinki: Suomen Historiallinen Seura. . Publication link: f56400fa-ea9b-46ec-8710-fad9fbf3ad71
  • Morgan, K., & Croft, A. (Ed.) (1998). King Street Blues: jazz and the left in Britain in the 1930s-40s. In Weapons in the Struggle: essays on the cultural history of British communism. London: Pluto. . Publication link: d2a5ca9e-2e2f-4aef-95c1-76bf30aced6f
  • Morgan, K., Wolikow, S. (Ed.), & Bleton-Ruget, A. (Ed.) (1998). Une tout petite difference entre 'la Marseillaise' et 'God Save the King': la gauche britannique et le problème de la nation dans les années trente. In Antifascisme et nation: les gauches européennes au temps du Front populaire. Dijon: Editions universitaires de Dijon. . Publication link: 80e6bf69-59a8-4dbf-8c19-5189de50e902
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  • Morgan, K. (1996). The Archives of the British Communist Party: a historical overview. Twentieth Century British History, 7, 3. . Publication link: 6be5de2b-a91b-4c2b-8bb3-17a988f858c2


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  • Morgan, K. (1989). Against fascism and war: ruptures and continuities in British communist politics 1935-1941. Manchester University Press.. Publication link: e67b4dca-30be-4454-b3fa-ee07a257e8c3