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Dr Peter McMylor - publications

List of publications



  • Mcmylor, P., McMylor, . U., P., . U., Vorozhishcheva, M., & Parry, K. (Ed.) (2007). Sociology and Eastern Orthodoxy? In The Blackwell Companion to Eastern Orthodoxy. Blackwell Publishing. . Publication link: 8b5f3910-62aa-43c9-856d-3556ba74e738





  • Barkhatova, N., McMylor, P., & Mellor, R. (2001). Family business in Russia: The path to middle class?British Journal of Sociology, 52(2), 249-269. . Publication link: db9185b1-8ef2-48e9-9fda-ab85633ac089


  • Mcmylor, P., McMylor, . U., P., . U., Mellor, R., & Barkhatova, N. (2000). Familialism, friendship and the small firm in the new Russia. International Review of Sociology, 10,1. . Publication link: 6db4eda6-d263-4c0c-b081-d0b26ebb7b6b
  • Mcmylor, P., McMylor, P., Flanagan, . U. (Ed.), Jupp, K. (Ed.), & P., . U. (Ed.) (2000). Classical thinking for a postmodern world: Alasdair MacIntyre and the moral critique of the present. In Virtue Ethics and Sociology: Issues of Modernity and Religion. Basingstoke: Palgrave. . Publication link: 4c703278-2110-4fc4-a90d-7283b3887c77
  • Mcmylor, P., & McMylor, P. (2000). Alasdair MacIntyre and the sociology of the moral order. In Religion Modernity and Ethics.. Publication link: 9e944b76-6afd-4cc6-81c8-909706b9852a
  • Mcmylor, P., Mellor, R., & Barkhatova, N. (2000). New Family Businesses in Russia: The Emergence of the Paternalistic Entrepreneur. International Review of Sociology, 10, 1. . Publication link: cd9b1a5c-b8cd-4df5-995b-f27b13f20088


  • Mcmylor, P., McMylor, . U., P., . U., & Vorozhishcheva, M. (1998). The displacement of the liturgical in the formation of modernity. Telos, 113,30. . Publication link: 43938b65-fa1d-4977-9205-f19f45153110


  • Gough, I., & Mcmylor, P. (1997). Enterprise welfare and privatization in Russia. Journal of Area Studies: Special Issue Theory and Practice of Interdisciplinarity, 11. . Publication link: 60a22e74-48ca-4b46-932e-8f4ef5a4be7b