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Prof Prasad Potluri - research

Research interests

Prasad Potluri’s primary research focus is on ‘Textile Composites’ with applications in Aerospace, Automotive, Marine and Energy sectors.  He has an inter-disciplinary approach to research and combines aspects of Robotics, Textile Processing, Mechanics of flexible fibre assemblies and Experimental mechanics.  In 2000, he established Textile Composites Group in order to deliver world-class research.    

Textile Preforming

Combining Robotics and Textile Processing, following preforming techniques are currently under development:

Robotic Fibre Placement for creating thick near-net preforms with through thickness reinforcement

Braiding of advanced composite preforms for bending, torsion and internal pressure loads

Novel multi-needle stitching process for sandwich and thick composites

3D weaving of lap-joint preforms, multi-step and tapered preforms; PI, T, I sections 

            Non-crimp woven preforms   

Processing Mechanics

Dry fibre assemblies exhibit large deformation behaviour during composites processing. Elastica-based energy minimisation techniques have been employed to model the preform compliance and to keep track of tow deformations.

Draping of biaxial fabrics on double-curvature surfaces using kinematic and differential geometry based algorithms

Fabric compliance models:  biaxial tension, transverse compaction, in-plane shear and out-of-plane bending

Mechanics of Textile Composites

Micro- and meso-scale mechanics of textile composites

Non-orthogonal Unit Cell modelling of textile composites

Prediction of  stiffness and strength of textile composites

Influence of delaminations on dynamic properties of textile composites


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