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Dr Rupert Cox - publications

List of publications


  • Cox, R., Wright, C. (Ed.), & Irving, A. (Ed.) (2016). Beyond Text: critical practice and sensory anthropology? Manchester, UK: Manchester University Press.. Publication link: cb340910-0951-4a94-bc78-e06ff80de76f
  • Cox, R., Irving, A., & Wright, C. (2016). The Sense of the Senses - Introduction: The Sense of the Senses. In Beyond Text: critical practice and sensory anthropology. Manchester University Press. . Publication link: 6d631e39-23ac-4fde-9dc6-c2db09c68028
  • Cox, R., Carlyle, A., Saunders, N. J. (Ed.), & Cornish, P. (Ed.) (2016). The Cave Mouth and the Giant Voice: sound and voice in Okinawan war memory. In Modern Conflict and the Senses. (1 ed.). Routledge. . Publication link: 89660802-f4d4-4edf-aa13-a88c1f5e3b77
  • Cox, R., Carlyle, A., Irving, A. (Ed.), & Wright, C. (Ed.) (2016). Air Pressure: a sound film. In Beyond Text: critical practice and sensory anthropology. (1 ed.). Manchester: Manchester University Press. . Publication link: 7915066e-7226-459f-8246-e95da824a13a
  • Cox, R., & Callan, H. (Ed.) (2016). International Encyclopaedia of Anthropology: Anthropology Beyond Text. (1 ed.) (International Encyclopaedia of Anthropology). New York: Wiley-Blackwell.. Publication link: 9e2b4638-3484-4e28-aa90-d3760ce1b381
  • Irving, A., Cox, R. (Ed.), & Wright, C. (Ed.) (2016). Random Manhattan: Thinking and Moving Beyond Text. In R. Cox, A. Irving, & C. Wright (Eds.), Beyond Text: Critical Practices and Sensory Anthropology. Manchester: Manchester University Press. . Publication link: 2f6cd914-6241-4ffd-b6b7-09c39baf9459


  • Cox, R. (Other), Stewart, C. B. C. (Other), & Teichmann, E. (Other). (2015). Staging Disorder: Cave Mouth and Giant Voice: Voice, Text and Sound in Okinawan war Memory. No publisher name.. Publication link: 3a44cdb8-ae11-48ee-9de3-60d3501733a0
  • Cox, R. (Composer), & Carlyle, A. (Composer). (2015). Cave Mouth and Giant Voice. Sound Studies: Art, Experience, Politics Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities (CRASSH) University of Cambridge: No publisher name.. Publication link: 6c67aad8-25f7-4372-8932-f5553b0c98e6
  • Cox, R. (Other), & Carlyle, A. (Other). (2015). Mouth of the Cave and the Giant Voice.. Publication link: 8f4a6fb7-0ce4-4a8a-8631-603a74dbe1e2
  • Cox, R., & Reynolds, D. (Ed.) (2015). Shaking it up: sonic warfare and art-making in Okinawa / Aesthetic Pleasures Across Disciplines. Leverhulme International Network, University of Manchester, .. Publication link: baa41a86-10c0-482c-ad76-30d660795f68
  • Cox, R., MacDonald, S. (Ed.), & Rees-Leahy, H. (Ed.) (2015). No title. In Handbook of Museum Studies: Museum Media. (1 ed., Vol. 4, pp. 215-235). Blackwell. . Publication link: c6b2639e-6076-4719-b9d4-f030179fe7f6


  • Cox, R., & Machin, D. (Ed.) (2014). Transforming art: imitation, innovation and inspiration in two Japanese art museums. In Visual Communication. Germany: de Gruyter. . Publication link: 2b72342d-68bd-433a-91c7-c7751101f6b4


  • Cox, R., Wright, C. (Ed.), & Schneider, A. (Ed.) (2013). Sky-larks an exploration of a collaboration between art, anthropology and science. In Anthropology and Art Practice. (1 ed., pp. 157-165). Bloomsbury Academic. . Publication link: 5353b239-47e4-475e-8831-358863c33de6
  • Cox, R., Carlyle, A. (Ed.), & Lane, C. (Ed.) (2013). Kill the inner voice: Zen and the self-conscious anthropologist. In On listening. London: CRiSAP (center for research into sound arts practice) in collaboration with RGAP (research group for artists publications) University of the Arts London. . Publication link: 0079d85e-c56d-4e29-8f18-6cd803345f89
  • Cox, R., & Yanagisawa, E. (Ed.) (2013). Air Pressure. 20th Anniversary conference: Soundscape Studies Considered As Interdisciplinary Studies, Natural History Museum and Institute, Chiba, Japan, .. Publication link: d4c9423a-072a-4a13-8c8d-2bd22857b477
  • Cox, R., Stevens, C. (Ed.), & Hankins, J. (Ed.) (2013). Military aircraft noise and the politics of spatial affect in Okinawa. In Sound Space and Sociality in Contemporary Japan. Routledge. . Publication link: be40e7d9-5416-48ef-aa64-0f4ca89e1e3b


  • Cox, R. (Other). (2012). Air Pressure: aircraft noise and perceptions of the environment. No publisher name.. Publication link: 9f045a3e-80a1-4b4a-bf98-581e68840d1a
  • Cox, R., Wright, C., Fardon, R. (Ed.), & Gledhill, J. (Ed.) (2012). Blurred Visions: Reflecting Visual Anthropology. In The SAGE Handbook of Social Anthropology. (Vol. 2, pp. 116-129). UK: Sage Books. . Publication link: b177ca55-ecae-4206-b841-1e7390e27623
  • Cox, R. (Composer), Carlyle, A. (Composer), & Na, . U. (Performer). (2012). Air Pressure. Germany: Gruenrekorder.. Publication link: b430ee54-0407-4526-97f6-bd694574af15
  • Cox, R., & Carlyle, A. (Ed.) (2012). WECPNL: weighted, equivalent, continuous, perceived, noise, level. In Air Pressure: aircraft noise and perceptions of the environment. (1st ed., Vol. 1, pp. 1-16). Germany: Gruenrekorder. . Publication link: 7003ed98-f747-481c-95ea-c4925d404bd5
  • Cox, R., & Carlyle, A. (2012). Air pressure: aircraft noise and perceptions of the environment. (1st ed.) Germany: Gruenrekorder.. Publication link: 9044834e-8be8-4ed3-b814-06108ad081db


  • Cox, R. (Composer), & Carlyle, A. (Composer). (2011). Two Farms in Toho. CD ‘The Wire tapper 26’ with The Wire magazine (Issue 330) (European circulation 30,000 copies).: No publisher name.. Publication link: 20a48a9d-7ea7-41c2-89b5-2f853a415a30
  • Cox, R. (Other), & Carlyle, A. (Other). (2011). Air Pressure.. Publication link: 0a4a8448-b115-4892-9b9e-bec899d0dcbd
  • Cox, R., Hiramatsu, K., Hendry, J. (Ed.), & Fitznor, L. (Ed.) (2011). Sounding Out Indigenous Knowledge in Okinawa. In Anthropologists, Indigenous Scholars and the Research Endeavour: Seeking Bridges Towards Mutual Respect. London: Routledge. . Publication link: ee6959fe-2d43-40c9-afa9-6770b1c0ae3a
  • Cox, R. (2011). Thinking through movement: Practising martial arts and writing ethnography. In Redrawing Anthropology: Materials, Movements, Lines|Redrawing Anthropology: Mater., Movements, Lines. (pp. 65-76). Surrey, UK: Ashgate Publishing Ltd.. . Publication link: b12a6be5-7d7d-4408-b49f-6a05a75226d0
  • Cox, R. (2011). Acts of Faith and Substantiation. Anthropology Matters: Knowledge Transfer: Exchanging Knowledge with the Field., 13(1), 1-3. . Publication link: a7bdaf60-4766-4d34-97ba-8dd8c9e1d8f1



  • Cox, R., & Brumann, C. (Ed.) (2009). "Automated Alterities: Movement and Identity in the History of the Japanese Kobi Doll". In Making Japanese Heritage. Routledge: Curzon Press. . Publication link: 24e89f02-404c-4f9e-a342-e7dfde1a1687
  • Cox, R., Green, T. (Ed.), & Svinth, J. (Ed.) (2009). ‘Shorinji Kempo’. In Martial Arts of the World.: An Encyclopaedia of History and Innovation. (pp. 172-175). Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO. . Publication link: 71f329fa-5832-4f47-b46e-e9102d21f5ad
  • Cox, R., & Brumann, C. (Ed.) (2009). Introduction. In Making Heritage in Japan. Routledge: Curzon Press. . Publication link: ce6a40d3-a156-4df5-93d4-66e54f82ffa4
  • Cox, R., & Brumann, C. (Ed.) (2009). Making Japanese Heritage. (1 ed.) (Japan Anthropology Workshop Series). Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge.. Publication link: a3fcc9cd-a5a2-4669-8886-0c94140283e1


  • Cox, R. (2008). Wandering without purpose: auditory journeys through History and Memory in Nagasaki. Journeys, The International Journal of Travel & Travel Writing, 9(2), 76-96. . Publication link: f2bdc2ab-a3c4-4365-9ceb-48d052d75410
  • Cox, R. (2008). The Sound of One Hand Clapping. Acoustic Traces of the Material and the Immaterial in a Zen Temple. body, environment and human sound making,. . Publication link: 168a3b1f-15df-4934-8f40-7530a4e15d8f
  • Cox, R. (2008). The Documentary Imperative. In Jordan Baseman: 4 Films. The University of Manchester: The Manchester Museum. . Publication link: 411d5182-98ba-4db4-bec0-c68b626e15fc



  • Cox, R. (2006). Site-seeing: Anthropology and the arts of observation. Minpaku Newsletter, National Museum of Ethnology, Special Issue Visual Anthropology, 21, 8-10. . Publication link: 4a6c69b7-5634-4325-88b4-225ce20fbb68
  • Cox, R. (2006). The Culture of Copying in Japan: Critical and Historical Perspectives. Routledge: Curzon Press.. Publication link: 4f8fae2b-e7c5-4b01-8999-d489883f3e10


  • Cox, R. (2002). The Zen Arts: An Anthropological Study of the Culture of Aesthetic Form in Japan. Routledge: Curzon Press.. Publication link: e80cb238-4d24-4d06-8648-dae65a665764
  • Cox, R., Hendry, J. (Ed.), & Raveri, M. (Ed.) (2002). Is there a Japanese Way of Playing? In Japan at Play: The Ludic and Logic of Power. Routledge. . Publication link: 8c9c5e7e-dcda-4b00-889e-db91cefa85a1