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Dr Stephen De Wijze - publications

List of publications






  • De Wijze, S., & Garrard, E. (2012). Thinking towards humanity: themes from Norman Geras. Manchester: Manchester University Press.. Publication link: 27173c3e-b8c1-4cda-b593-1dcca7bb0fdb
  • De Wijze, S. (2012). Resistance Beyond the Moral Boundary: Some Thoughts on the Limits of Dirty Hands. In Thinking towards humanity: themes from Norman Geras. Manchester: Manchester University Press. . Publication link: 7dd3ff34-6907-4459-91c4-b81b5cd8e09d
  • De Wijze, S., & Garrard, E. (2012). Introduction. In Thinking towards humanity: themes from Norman Geras. Manchester: Manchester University Press. . Publication link: 952a6271-8046-4371-a368-5d687d8e09a5
  • De Wijze, S. (2012). Punishing ‘dirty hands’ - three justifications. Ethical Theory and Moral Practice. . Publication link: 532b467f-2a5b-4671-b6ed-8cd72de70fd2
  • De Wijze, S., & Besussi, A. (2012). Means/Ends. In PHILOSOPHY AND POLITICS. METHODS, TOOLS, TOPICS.. Publication link: b51aaf54-9f5a-40ab-85be-32fa8ba95f91



  • De Wijze, S. (2010). “On the Connection between Dirty Hands (DH) and a Political Morality / Ethic (PM)”. In host publication.. Publication link: 712f2596-5046-44c1-a936-75380720b2d5



  • De Wijze, S. (2008). Dirty hands: some thoughts on the necessary and sufficient conditions. In host publication.. Publication link: 1e2ba69d-4a7a-4a05-ba40-6c124b676f33
  • De Wijze, S., Weed, J. H. (Ed.), Davis, R. B. (Ed.), & Weed, R. (Ed.) (2008). Between Hero and Villain: Jack Bauer and the Problem of 'Dirty Hands'? In 24 and Philosophy: The World According to Jack. (pp. 17-30). Oxford: Blackwell Publishing. . Publication link: bbafcc39-fcbc-4575-ba95-2563169211e0
  • De Wijze, S. (2008). Complicit with Evil: The Strange Mutation of the Anti-Imperialist Left. In host publication.. Publication link: a857d983-a4ea-41a3-a5ab-5cdbb04ce494


  • De Wijze, S. (2007). Patching Holes in a Sinking Ship: 'Democratic Deliberation Within. European Journal of Philosophy, 15(1), 129-136. . Publication link: eb443088-ef90-488c-aaf5-04e3f4ffea4f
  • De Wijze, S. (2007). Shamanistic Incantations? Rawls, Reasonableness and Secular Fundamentalism. Politics and Ethics Review, 3(1). . Publication link: 9b68af2d-388d-4468-8f3f-109e071f8201
  • De Wijze, S., & Primoratz, I. (2007). Dirty Hands: Doing Wrong to Do Right. In Politics and Morality. (pp. 3-19). New York: Palgrave Macmillan . . Publication link: 3774f1f2-7607-4c9a-b3ee-92c5508ca50d




  • De Wijze, S. (2004). Exploring our moral emotions: the difficult case of 'dirty hands'. Philosophical Papers, 33(2), 15-24. . Publication link: 0588643f-b9dd-4626-b6a0-06f50d4f8450





  • De Wijze, S. (2000). The family and political justice - The case for political liberalisms. Journal of Ethics, 4(3), 257-281. . Publication link: 5c66b3cc-86b2-4ac3-9c44-7a118291b71b
  • De Wijze, S. (2000). Machiavellian Thoughts on Mbeki: Between Political Cynicism & Moral Naivety. Unknown Journal, 2(1), 61-70. . Publication link: 983e29cf-bf6b-4cab-abb5-15b6e7dbbd5d
  • De Wijze, S. (2000). Reasonableness, pluralism and democracy: a pragmatic approach. In G. Garrett Calder, & J. E. Shannon (Eds.), Liberalism and Social Justice: International Perspectives. Ashgate Publishing. . Publication link: d3296e2c-4eda-4625-951d-9ef737bd7759



  • De Wijze, S. (1996). The real problem of dirty hands - reply to Kai Nielsen. South African Journal of Philosophy, 15 (4). . Publication link: e6b6ac7e-bd76-40f6-91bf-78e691c4c334
  • De Wijze, S. (1996). Political Liberalism and the New South Africa. In Current Issues in Political Philosophy - Justice and Welfare in Society and World Order, Papers of the 19th International Wittgenstein Symposium.. Publication link: 4f193c5a-908c-4b20-ad17-b70e6b69d45d
  • De Wijze, S. (1996). Helping to Undo the Past: Teaching critical reasoning in South Africa. Informal Logic, 18, No. 1. . Publication link: 2b4f09f6-721f-4a64-a289-b28ab640645f