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Prof Yoram Gorlizki - publications

List of publications




  • Gorlizki, Y. (2011). Stalinskaia diktatura v sravnitel'noi perspektive. In Istoriia Stalinizma:Itogi i problemy izucheniia. (pp. 135-149). Moscow: ROSSPEN. . Publication link: 3b6fd504-b040-4af4-b6bc-fda54a0c672e
  • Gorlizki, Y. (2011). Governing the interior: Extraordinary forms of rule and the regional party apparatus in the Second World War. Cahiers du Monde Russe, 52(2-3), 321-339. . Publication link: 172a1655-75a9-4029-a92e-f366b46cb6a9
  • Gorlizki, Y., & Khlevniuk, O. (2011). Kholodnyi Mir. (Istoriia Stalinizma). Moscow: ROSSPEN.. Publication link: cfd62710-3841-4c00-bf1f-fa12563492ab
  • Gorlizki, Y., & Mommsen, H. (2011). Politicheskie (bes)poriadki stalinizma i natsional-sotsialisma. In Za ramkami totalitarianizma. Sravnitel'nye issledovaniia stalinizma i natsizma. Moscow: ROSSPEN. . Publication link: c26a9c91-5a24-4fad-befc-14ce43d45033


  • Gorlizki, Y. (2010). Too much trust: Regional party leaders and local political networks under Brezhnev. Slavic Review, 69(3), 676-700. . Publication link: eb924664-1187-46b8-9d7c-d34a861fe548


  • Gorlizki, Y., Khlevniuk, O. V., Prozumenshikov, M. I., Vasil'ev, V. I., Zhukova, T. I., Kondrashin, V. V., ... Sheveleva, E. V. (2009). Regional'naia politika N.S. Khrushcheva, TsK KPSS i mestnye partiinye komitety 1953-1964 gg. (Seriia "Dokumenty Sovetskoi Istorii"). Moscow: ROSSPEN.. Publication link: 87ea717a-0079-42d3-88e5-984b9203a065
  • Gorlizki, Y., Mommsen, H., Geyer, M. (Ed.), & Fitzpatrick, S. (Ed.) (2009). The political (dis)orders of Stalinism and National Socialism. In Beyond Totalitarianism: Stalinism and Nazism Compared. (pp. 41-86). New York: Cambridge University Press. . Publication link: 6604d60a-9d5f-4d23-b61c-bd822ee6b020
  • Gorlizki, Y. (2009). Industry, Justice and the Politics of Soviet Regulation. Unknown Journal. . Publication link: fa031251-bf8a-40ea-b099-d0a32edfa8c3


  • Gorlizki, Y., Khlevniuk, O., & Suny, R. G. (Ed.) (2006). Stalin and His Circle. In The Cambridge History of Russia: Vol.3. The Twentieth Century. (pp. 243-267). Cambridge University Press. . Publication link: 81215d7f-3d8c-44a9-a8ba-eabffbac5c71


  • Gorlizki, Y., & Khlevniuk, O. (2004). Cold Peace: Stalin and the Soviet Ruling Circle 1945-1953. New York: Oxford University Press.. Publication link: 824f9b2f-5d64-4b14-9620-7112e84116c0


  • Gorlizki, Y. (2003). Policing post-Stalin society: The militsiia and public order under Khrushchev. Cahiers du Monde Russe, 44(2-3), 465-569. . Publication link: a457b52f-f8c1-41b3-a328-8755117f6fdb


  • Gorlizki, Y., Y., . U., Khlevniuk, Y., Kosheleva, O., Miniuk, L., Prozumenshikov, A., ... S., . U. (Ed.) (2002). Politburo TsK VKP (b) i Sovet Ministrov SSSR 1945-1953. ROSSPEN.. Publication link: aefee567-01d7-4ba2-b4d9-38cbba264d45
  • Gorlizki, Y. (2002). Ordinary Stalinism: The Council of Ministers and the Soviet Neo-Patrimonial State, 1945-1953. Journal of Modern History, 74(4). DOI: 10.1086/376210. Publication link: 03b3e8f4-69ec-40d9-8512-8ac79998b152



  • Gorlizki, Y. (2000). Class and Nation in the Jewish Settlement of Palestine: The case of Merhavia 1910-1930. Journal of Historical Geography, 26 no4. . Publication link: 83b714bf-f254-4812-810c-2d30d9555fe1



  • Gorlizki, Y. (1998). Delegalization in Russia: Soviet Comrades' Courts in Retrospect. American Journal of Comparative Law, 46(3), 403. . Publication link: 7353ca51-aede-40f7-bffb-76e202df8a25


  • Gorlizki, Y., & Solomon, P. (Ed.) (1997). Political Reform and Local Party Interventions Under Khrushchev. In Reforming Justice in Russia: Power, Culture, and the Limits of Legal Order. Armonk, New York: ME Sharpe. . Publication link: 86f48ead-4f31-44df-8770-0828f294e7cf


  • Gorlizki, Y., & Smith, G. (Ed.) (1996). Jews. In The Nationalities Question in the Post-Soviet States. (2nd ed., pp. 436-461). London: Longman. . Publication link: 959d462e-38f0-4532-a02f-f6a123d5cbed
  • Gorlizki, Y. (1996). Anti-Ministerialism and the USSR Ministry of Jusice, 1953-1956: A Study in Organizational Decline. Europe-Asia Studies (formerly Soviet Studies), 48, No. 8. . Publication link: 7c4ca47e-84e9-4caf-8fed-b09b4a59b638



  • Gorlizki, Y., & Smith, G. (Ed.) (1990). Jews. In The Nationalities Question in the Soviet Union. (1st ed., pp. 339-359). Harlow: Longman. . Publication link: 35e787ab-41ea-4363-af01-9eee92337490