Accommodation area guide

Manchester is a student-friendly city. Many areas cater for students, with discounts offered at most places to eat and drink.

Some of the main student areas are:

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The main advantage of living here is that you are both close to the University’s academic campus and at the heart of city life. Renting private property can be more expensive, but you save on travel costs.

The walk from one end of campus to the other only takes ten minutes; there is also a bus service between both, which is free to students.

Plenty of bus services are available to other residential areas such as Rusholme, Fallowfield and beyond.

University halls of residence in this area include:

  • Denmark Road
  • Horniman House
  • Weston Hall
  • Whitworth Park

Find out more about the city halls on the Accommodation Office website.

Victoria Park

Victoria Park is situated between the city and Fallowfield residential campuses, so halls here are ideally placed for both academic and social activities.

This leafy conservation area provides a pleasant and tranquil atmosphere in which to live. It’s only a 15-minute walk to the University’s academic campus and there are also frequent bus services, so the city centre is only ten minutes away by bus.

Adjacent to Victoria Park is Rusholme – popularly known as the Curry Mile – where the many restaurants and shops offer a range of cuisine and produce, including kosher and halal foods.

University halls of residence in this area include:

  • Burkhardt House
  • Canterbury Court
  • Dalton-Ellis Hall
  • Hulme Hall
  • St Anselm Hall
  • Brook Hall
  • Daisy Bank

Find out more about the Victoria Park halls on the Accommodation Office website.


Fallowfield is a vibrant suburb consisting of a mix of students and local residents, approximately 2.5 km south of the academic campus. Here you'll find a great mix of shops, cafes and bars. As well as this, the Armitage Centre’s sports and fitness facilities are also nearby.

Most halls are situated on the main bus route to the University and city centre. Services are frequent and it only takes approximately 15 minutes to reach the academic campus. Alternatively, you can walk to the University in 30 minutes.

Halls are clustered together and offer a range of accommodation. Private accommodation comes mainly in the form of small terraced or large Victorian houses. University halls of residence in Fallowfield include:

  • Ashburne Hall   
  • Oak House
  • Uttley House
  • Richmond Park
  • Sheavyn House  
  • Woolton Hall
  • Unsworth Park

Find out more about the Fallowfield halls on the Accommodation Office website.

Other popular areas


A mile (1.5km) south of Fallowfield – or about 5 minutes away by bus, the high street has everything you need including shops and bars. A range of accommodation options are available in private rented houses in this area and the local community is a vibrant mix of students and local residents.


A mile (1.5km) south of Withington, both East and West Didsbury are full of highly rated bars and restaurants. The area is mainly residential, with most property catering for young professionals, so it’s a bit more expensive than other areas. Buses to and from campus are frequent.


One of the most affordable student areas, Rusholme is close to campus and along the main bus route. There are supermarkets and shops in the area, not to mention the multitude of curry houses along Rusholme's high street.

Whalley Range

Fairly near the city and University, Whalley Range has lots of reasonably priced accommodation. Amenities are in shorter supply, but it is leafy and close to Chorlton. Buses also run to and from campus.


Popular with young professionals and students alike, Chorlton is home to a variety of modern bars, cafes and restaurants. There are also many useful amenities nearby and bus routes to the University and city centre are excellent.

Moss Side

West of Rusholme and primarily a residential area, Moss Side lies between Rusholme and Hulme. Former home of Manchester City FC’s stadium, Moss Side is characterised by a deep community spirit, with a number of local community and voluntary groups providing social support, cultural and leisure opportunities. Moss Side is conveniently close to the University and the city.