Living costs

For international students looking for an affordable cost of living when they come to university, Manchester is a great option.

Compared with other cities, particularly those in the south of the UK, Manchester is an affordable place to live and very popular with students on a budget. You can benefit from student discounts on a wide range of goods and services, including transport, fashion and entertainment.

While accommodation is likely to be your main expense, opting for a room in a University hall of residence will simplify your costs, as our hall fees include contents insurance, all utility bills (usually gas and electricity) and most have a free Internet connection.

Estimated costs

If you require a visa to come to the UK, you are granted it on condition that you can pay your tuition fees and living expenses (for you and your family, if they are accompanying you) without having to depend on finding work in the UK.

It’s important to bear in mind that all estimates made by the University are for single students. If you intend to bring your family, you should also account for family living expenses as well.

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