The Erasmus+ exchange programme allows international students currently studying at a European university (with which we have an Erasmus+ exchange agreement)  to spend a year or a semester with us. 

Erasmus+ exchanges are based around subject area agreements. This means that, for example, a history student from a partner European university could study history here at The University of Manchester.

Check out our blog written by inbound Study Abroad/Exchange students for an insight into life as a Study Abroad student in Manchester.

Brexit information for prospective Erasmus+ students

The University of Manchester remains committed to working with its European and international partners. Erasmus+ students are very welcome on our campus and in our city.

We are liaising with all our existing Erasmus+ partners to seek to ensure that the necessary agreements are in place so that student mobility can continue uninterrupted regardless of the outcome of the Brexit negotiations.

We warmly welcome applications from selected nominees to our programme for entry in September 2019.

Fees and funding

Erasmus+ students do not pay any fees and may receive an Erasmus+ grant from their home university.

Alliance Manchester Business School

For students coming on an exchange with Alliance Manchester Business School, visit: