Course units

Erasmus+ exchange agreements are departmental agreements, enabling, for example, a history student from a partner European university to study history here at The University of Manchester.

Check which subjects are available to students of your university by downloading the list of undergraduate Erasmus+ partner universities (PDF document, 163KB).

You will need to select a full course load:

  • 50–60 Manchester credits per semester (25–30 ECTS)
  • 100–120 Manchester credits for the academic year (50–60 ECTS)

It is important to discuss your course unit choices with your academic adviser at your home university to ensure that the courses you take at Manchester are approved for credit transfer.

You should choose courses that relate to the subject area exchange you are coming under. For example, if your university has an agreement with History, your course choices should primarily be chosen from this subject area. 

It may sometimes be possible to take one course unit outside your subject area, although this will need to be approved by your Erasmus+ coordinator at Manchester.

For details of Erasmus+ coordinators at Manchester, please email

You may be able to change, add or drop course units after arriving in Manchester (subject to availability), but this will need to be discussed with your Erasmus+ coordinator upon arrival.

You will also need to ensure that any changes are agreed with your home university and amended on your learning agreement. This will then need to be signed by both your Erasmus+ coordinator here and your academic adviser back home.

In most subject areas each course unit has been allocated a code which indicates the level of the course unit and the time period during which it is offered.

Example course unit code interpretation

ENGL 20502 The Victorian Novel

20502 - The initial number indicates the level of the course unit:

  • 1 – first-year course unit
  • 2 – second-year course unit 
  • 3 – third-year course unit
  • 4 – fourth-year course unit

20502 - The final number indicates the time period in which the course unit is offered:

  • 1 - Semester 1 (autumn/fall)
  • 2 - Semester 2 (spring)
  • 0 - Full year

ENGL 20502 is a second-year course unit taught in the spring semester.