How to apply

The method of application for Erasmus+ students depends on the level of study to be undertaken with us.

In order to determine how you should apply, you should firstly download our Erasmus Partner Universities document.

Look through the list to find the agreement we have with your home university. If the agreement indicates we have a UG (undergraduate) level agreement, you should apply on this page using our online system.

If the agreement indicates we have a PG (postgraduate) level agreement, you should contact the person indicated in the document for details of their application process.

Before you enter our online system you should download and print our How to Apply Online guidance notes. We recommend that you work through these notes as you are completing your application.

As part of the online application, you must complete, scan and upload the required supporting documentation.

For Erasmus+ exchange students the required supporting documentation is listed below.

You will probably find it helpful to have all these documents scanned and ready before you begin your online application.

Remember that we cannot fully consider your application until we have received all your supporting documents. There is no need for you to send us hard copies of anything once you have submitted your application online.

Before you apply you must follow your home university’s application procedure to secure the nomination as an Erasmus+ exchange student. Our Erasmus+ code is UK MANCHES01.

Online application

  • Apply online (Following this link will take you to a screen headed 'Postgraduate Applicant Sign On'. Please ignore the heading; this is the correct form to complete).

Application deadlines

  • September entry – 1 June
  • January entry – 15 November

Please note that for January entry you should apply as early as possible, particularly if you wish to study any of our high-demand course units.

Applications for January 2022 entry (Semester 2)

Our application system is currently being upgraded. To enable this work, the system will be closed until early October. We ask Study Abroad applicants to submit their application for Semester 2 (January 2022) entry after 4 October 2021.

Our application deadline will be extended from 1 November to 10 November to support applicants who need additional time to gather their supporting documents.

Information for medical students

In the 'Getting Started' section of our How to Apply Online guidance notes, we advise how to select the correct Erasmus+ programme according to your duration/semester of study.

Erasmus+ medical students may study for a shorter time than a full semester, however, for the purposes of completing the online application form, you should select the semester option that reflects the standard University of Manchester semester in which the majority of your module/block of study will be taken.

You should also upload:

Medical students must also supply an English language proficiency certificate, showing that their English language score is at least IELTS 7.0 or equivalent.

Application deadlines for Erasmus+ medical students are earlier than the standard deadlines.

Applying for accommodation

If you wish to apply for University accommodation for the duration of your study with us, there is a separate online accommodation application procedure that you must complete.

You cannot apply for accommodation until after you have received a formal offer letter from us. Your offer letter will contain details of how to apply for accommodation online.