Erasmus+ traineeships

If you are interested in spending a period of time at The University of Manchester under the Erasmus+ traineeship strand, you should directly contact the department / staff member that you would like to host you with your request.

Please provide as much information as you can in your email, including exactly what you are looking to achieve during your traineeship, the duration of your proposed placement, suggested dates etc.

If you are accepted for a traineeship, you must ask your home university to provide you with a ‘Learning Agreement for Traineeships’ form. You must complete this form and send to the member of staff at The University of Manchester who has agreed to host you for signature.

You must ensure that this form is signed by a member of staff at Th e University of Manchester before you depart your home country. We are unable to host any students who arrive in Manchester without this signed learning agreement.

Please note that the University receives a very high number of requests to host traineeships and is regrettably able to accept only a very small number.

Specific advice for medical traineeship/placement students

At present Manchester Medical School can only accept external students for placements under the framework of an existing Erasmus+ bilateral agreement. This means that if we do not already have an Erasmus+ agreement with your home university to accept students for medical traineeships, unfortunately your request will not be able to be accommodated.

If your home university already has an Erasmus+ agreement for medical placements with The University of Manchester, please contact with your request.

If we do not have an agreement with your home university, it is sometimes possible for students to self-arrange placements by contacting hospital trusts directly. You would identify a doctor in a speciality in which you are interested, and contact them to establish whether they would agree to supervise you. If so, you would then contact the relevant hospital administrator to arrange the placement.

Such self-arranged placements are an agreement between the student and the relevant hospital trust, and do not involve The University of Manchester. The Manchester Medical School/University of Manchester will not be able to provide credits or validate any documentation in relation to such placements, nor provide you with contact details of doctors to approach.