Why students chose Manchester

We wanted to showcase the many reasons why The University of Manchester is the most applied to University in the UK, but what better way to understand what our students think than just to hear directly from them.

We asked students following our Instagram three simple questions and here’s what they had to say. 

What was the one reason why you came to Manchester?

The John Rylands Library

Reputation and rankings

Students particularly remember the University’s reputation as big reason for choosing Manchester. Whether it’s our rankings, placing up 8th in Europe and 6th in the UK, or our research the University of Manchester has a reputation for excellence that influenced our students to choose Manchester.

  • “Reputation of UoM in the world”

The city

From its music heritage to its sport, students agree that the city is the place to be, and was a big reason for choosing the University – even the transport got a mention!

  • “The music scene”
  •  “Manchester United”
  •  “The city and its vibe, never felt more at home”


The combination of beautiful old buildings and modern architecture was a big draw for these students, as well as the incredible history and heritage the University around every corner:

  • “The older buildings, their architecture & all the history associated with it!”

Manchester's unique qualities

Some people had some very specific reasons for applying to Manchester.

  • “It was a novel on Manchester university”
  • “Prof. Brian Cox”
  • “Curry Mile”
  • “Purple logo ”

What’s your favourite thing about studying at The University of Manchester?

The Students' Union


Students are more than happy about the facilities offered by the University, with lots of love for the many libraries we have across campus:

  • “The beautiful campus and massive libraries.”


Diversity is also important to our students -with people coming to study from over 160 countries the University gives them plenty of opportunities to meet and become friends with people from numerous different backgrounds:

  • “The diversity of students and staff. People from all over the world a part of one family.”

Staff support

Surprisingly enough, one of the big things that students agree on is that learning is a key part of their University experience and the support they receive from staff is just as key:

  • “The amount of support you get from academics and technical staff!”

A bit of everything

Some student “favs” couldn’t quite be categorised.

  • “Bees.”
  • “It’s breathtaking.”
  • “Ambience.”
  • “Everything about it.”
  • “Lime café.”
  • “The reading week.”

What’s the one thing that surprised you when you first came to Manchester?

However much you prepare, there will always be surprises and new experiences that are important to how you view your time at University. Here are some things that our students didn’t expect when they came to Manchester:

  • “How big it really is.”
  • “Greener than expected.”