MSc Dementia Care APIMH / Course details

Year of entry: 2020

Course description

Our Dementia Care course is a pathway of our MSc in Advanced Practice Interventions for Mental Health (APIMH) and has been designed to respond and contribute to the modernisation of mental healthcare delivery and service design. It is aimed at existing health and social care professionals and others involved in dementia care.

Service development and evidence-based guidelines continuously highlight the need for multidisciplinary, multi-agency dementia care services that are accessible, flexible, inclusive and enabling, and are driven by the needs of clients and their families.

It is vital that these services are developed and delivered by staff appropriately prepared with relevant expertise, knowledge and skills.

Our part-time multidisciplinary and practice-focused course will equip you with the advanced knowledge and skills you need to provide high-quality, evidence-based interventions that promote the wellbeing, personhood and empowerment of people living with dementia and their significant others.

It will also enable you to act as an agent of change by contributing to research, service development and leadership in dementia care.

Special features

Learn from the experts

You will learn from internationally renowned experts in the field, as well as experienced dementia care practitioners, people living with dementia and former students, many of whom now operate at senior levels within dementia care services.

Flexible learning

The part-time nature of this course enables you to fit learning around your other commitments, with one day a week to be spent on campus.

Teaching and learning

You will participate in a range of teaching and learning methods including lectures, small-group work, student-led seminars, group-work, problem-based learning scenarios and online learning.

You will undertake independent study to further develop and consolidate your learning. We aim to involve people with dementia and their families in the delivery of sessions where possible.

Coursework and assessment

A variety of assessments are used within each course unit and across the course as a whole. All assessments require you to integrate knowledge and understanding and apply this to your own area of practice as relevant to the outcomes of each unit and the focus of each pathway.

Assessment methods may include essays, case studies, assessed seminar presentations and literature reviews.

The dissertation for the MSc requires you to undertake an extended written piece of work (12,000-15,000 words) that focuses on a specific aspect of mental health practice in the form of an extended literature-based review/proposal for practice development.

Course unit details

The course consists of pathway-specific and core/compulsory course units. Pathway-specific units focus on the following themes:

Year 1

  • Perspectives on Dementia (15 credits)
  • Meeting the advanced care needs of people with dementia (15 credits)
  • Dementia & Social Inclusion (15 credits)
  • Complex issues in dementia care (15 credits)

Year 2

Core course units are shared with students studying other pathways and courses, but retain a pathway-specific focus through group work and assessments. Core course units focus on the following themes:

  • Advanced Evidence Based Practice and Leadership (30 credits)
  • Evidence Based Practice in Dementia Care (15 credits)
  •  Developing practice, managing change (15 credits)

On completion of the taught units of the course (PGDip), successful students who meet progression requirements are able to continue onto their dissertation (60 credits) for the MSc.

The dissertation enables students, with the support of an individual supervisor, to undertake an extended written piece of work which focuses on a specific aspect of Mental Health Practice in the form of an extended literature based review/proposal for practice development.

Course unit list

The course unit details given below are subject to change, and are the latest example of the curriculum available on this course of study.

TitleCodeCredit ratingMandatory/optional
Dissertation NURS60000 60 Mandatory
Working Effectively with Crisis & Complexity in Dementia Care NURS60007 15 Mandatory
Critical appraisal and evidence synthesis NURS60015 15 Mandatory
Research Design NURS60018 15 Mandatory
Evidence Based Practice in Dementia Care NURS60043 15 Mandatory
Perspectives on Dementia NURS60054 15 Mandatory
Meeting the Advanced Care Needs of People with Dementia NURS60063 15 Mandatory
Dementia and Social Inclusion NURS60074 15 Mandatory
Developing Practice and Managing Change NURS60141 15 Mandatory


You will be able to access a range of facilities throughout the University.

Disability support

Practical support and advice for current students and applicants is available from the Disability Advisory and Support Service .