MSc Petroleum Geoscience for Reservoir Development and Production / Course details

Year of entry: 2019

Course description

The oil industry has clear objectives to maximise recovery from oil and gas fields, and to extend the life of existing fields. This course aims to meet the need for skilled personnel by training graduates that specialise in appraisal/development/production geoscience and the fundamentals of reservoir engineering. There course features training in seismic interpretation which leads into modelling of the reservoir, fluid flow, and the impact of recovery mechanisms and dynamic displacement.

Semester 2  comprises four specialist units:

  • Integrated Subsurface Description , covering 3D seismic interpretation and visualisation; trapping framework; reservoir framework; reservoir and fluid properties; uncertainty and risk.
  • Oil and Gas Reservoir Dynamics , covering reservoir compartments; reservoir energy and recovery mechanisms; geological reservoir modelling; reservoir simulation; well testing.
  • The  Group Development Project  requires you to work in groups of four or five. You will be mentored by research students and staff to undertake a field evaluation using a typical dataset.
  • Field Depletion Planning  covers resource assessment; rate production profile prediction; depletion planning; how to operate in an oil and gas field; health and safety; petroleum economics and risk analysis; reservoir management; and base management.

Course unit list

The course unit details given below are subject to change, and are the latest example of the curriculum available on this course of study.

TitleCodeCredit ratingMandatory/optional
Reservoir Engineering Fundamentals EART60012 15 Mandatory
Fundamentals of Petroleum Geoscience EART60031 15 Mandatory
Basin Analysis EART60052 15 Mandatory
Exploration Group Project EART60102 15 Mandatory
Development Group Project EART60112 15 Mandatory
Integrated Subsurface Description EART60152 15 Mandatory
Prospect Evaluation and Petroleum Economics EART60162 15 Mandatory
Independent Research Project EART60172 60 Mandatory
Communication Skills and Fieldwork EART60230 15 Mandatory
Field Depletion Planning EART60282 15 Mandatory
Key Interpretation Skills EART60381 15 Mandatory
Play Fairway Analysis EART60391 15 Mandatory
Field Appraisal and Development EART60402 15 Mandatory
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