Fallowfield living – Elizabeth Martin

Elizabeth talks about her experience living in Ashburne Hall while studying for BA Modern History and Politics at the University. 

Why did you choose to live in Fallowfield?

I wanted an environment that felt more like a community; Fallowfield is exactly that. I looked at Ashburne on a visit to Manchester and it was so beautiful. It just felt like the right environment for me to do well in. 

Distance from campus


Distance from campus

  • By bicycle  8 minutes
  • By bus  15 minutes
  • By foot  30 minutes

What makes it great?

  • Restaurants, bars, shops
  • Armitage Sports Centre
  • Mix of students and local residents

What was it like settling in?

I’ll be honest, I found it quite difficult. You’re away from home, from your support network of friends and family, making decisions for yourself; it was quite difficult adjusting. But you do find your niche. I never intended to be on the hall’s Junior Common Rooms (JCR) committee. But I decided to take every opportunity that came up, because otherwise I’d never know where my place was. And I found this really supportive group of people.

What was it like being part of the JCR? 

It gave me an opportunity to meet and mingle with people, and to give Ashburne a reputation for socialising and integrating people. I developed skills dealing with people, managing money. And I had so much fun. The committee was like a little family; we supported each other. And we made friends for life.

What are the local amenities like?

Fallowfield has a great nightlife and social scene. There are lots of small independent bars and chains on your doorstep, great supermarkets, convenience stores. 

What is your favourite aspect of hall life?

Formal dinners, where we all dress up and interact with different people. And the morning after a night out, when everyone just sits together, order takeaways and chills. It’s a really nice, caring community. We have a big Facebook group, which is a great way of connecting with people, and getting support at any time. 

Who would belong in Fallowfield? 

Somebody who’s enthusiastic and excited about new opportunities, meeting new people and trying something different  you’ll find your routine and your passions. You have your independence and your freedom – but you also have ResLife, security staff, people you see every day. You’re in a lovely enclosed community where you take care of each other.