Victoria Park living – Norbert Magos

Norbert, originally from Hungary, talks about his experience living in Dalton Ellis Hall while studying for BSocSC Politics and International Relations at the University. 

Why did you choose Victoria Park?

I was looking for something affordable, and found a very cheap option sharing a double room with my best friend from Hungary. I wanted to try out the catering. And I loved the look of the place  I’m kind of into these old buildings.

Distance from campus

Victoria Park

Distance from campus

  • By bicycle  5 minutes
  • By bus  6 minutes
  • By foot  18 minutes

What makes it great?

  • The Whitworth/ Whitworth Park
  • Green space
  • Curry Mile

What was it like settling in?

I wanted to make new friends, so I basically sat next to people in the cafeteria and talked to them! And I went to some of the welcome events, which were nice; I particularly liked a board game event. I really like Dalton Ellis. It’s so relaxing, leafy and green  that’s the best part. Then there’s the cleaning service, the food – it’s all amazing.

What are the social activities like?

There are some cool ones. We had a Chinese New Year event organised by the JCR student committee: we gathered in the bar, ate a Chinese takeaway, watched Kung Fu Panda 3. That was fun. We also have parties with free drinks, playing table tennis and giant Jenga. I joined in Sporticipate activities, like interval training, self-defence classes. And I joined student societies: hiking and caving.

What are the local amenities like?

Great shops. Lidl is amazing. And Poundland – sandwiches for £1! The Ford Maddox Brown is a lovely pub with a nice atmosphere and a fireplace in winter, where you can get a beer for £1.80. And there’s the Whitworth gallery, with a lovely café and garden. The modern art is a bit questionable for me, though; I’ll see a ball on the wall and I’m like, what is this supposed to mean? I’m definitely more into classical art!

What is your favourite aspect of hall life?

You’re never alone. You can always find someone to chat with  and different people, so you don’t get bored. You can play pool, table tennis; we also have a squash court. We often host movie nights in our double room; there’s a nice white wall, and I bought a projector from Amazon. I also loved our formal dinner. I was lucky enough to sit next to an amazing conversationalist. The food, the beautiful decoration, the service – it was all fantastic.

Who would belong in Victoria Park? 

I think it’s quite quiet, ideal for people who are not very party-oriented. It’s very good for people who are passionate about university; there are lots of study facilities, libraries, computer clusters. Most halls are catered, so it’s great for a person who doesn’t like to cook that much. Maybe this person would also like tea nights in Nellies  or simply lying back and reading on the courtyard grass in summer. It’s so relaxing.