Looking after yourself during coronavirus

COVID-19 presents big challenges for people all over the world and, at this difficult time, we can each play a role in helping to look after ourselves and each other.

We’ve got some tips and advice for staying positive and looking after your wellbeing.

Connect with friends 

Being at home can feel lonely at times, so it’s a good idea to keep up your spirits and stay connected with friends and family online. Schedule regular check-ins with your loved ones, set up a virtual pub quiz or games night or have a movie night with friends on Netflix Party.

Be kind to others 

This is a time to treat everyone with empathy and compassion, and come together to look out for others. Take some time to reach out to friends, cook a meal for your housemates or family or take on some extra chores for the day  it’ll make others feel good and you too. 

Have a break 

It’s ok to take this time out to relax and be present in the moment, rather than worrying about what comes next. So take some time each day to do some meditation, sit in the garden with a book or take a stroll around your neighbourhood to clear your mind and have a break. 

Stay active 

Just because we have to stay at home, doesn't mean we have to stop working out. There’s loads of exercise classes and home workouts you can tune into from your living room or back garden. Make sure to make the most of your time outside and try to go for a daily jog or cycle ride.

Learn something new 

It’s not often you’ll have this much time to dedicate to anything, so take this opportunity to learn a new skill or do something you wouldn’t normally try. You could start learning a new language, pick up a new musical instrument or tune into a virtual art class. 

Advice from a wellbeing expert

Psychology graduate and student wellbeing assistant, Nancy, shares her wellbeing tips for difficult times that you can follow from home.