Ten things we’re missing about Manchester

While we're all staying safe at home, we can’t help but reminisce on what we’re missing most about Manchester.

We’ve pulled together a list of the things we can’t wait to do and can’t wait for you to do when we’re in the city again:

1. Going out for brunch

From the bottomless brunch at Pen and Pencil, the classic full English breakfast at Koffee Pot and the stacks of pancakes at Alabamas, we can’t wait to get back into the brunch restaurants, cafes, bakeries and vegan eateries in the city. 

2. Grabbing your favourite coffee

While we’re trying to recreate our favourite whipped coffee at home, you just can’t Takk on campus for a quick pick-me-up or visiting the coffee specialists at Foundation Coffee House. Nowhere in the city does coffee like the Northern Quarter, so get ready to explore their cafes, coffee shops and tearooms.

3. Exploring the great outdoors

Everyone knows Manchester for its city life, but we’re also close to the fresh air and rolling hills of the Peak and Lake Districts. With the Peak District at only an hour by train and the Lake District a little further, these places provide a great respite from studying and city life. 

4. Live music

With a music scene that has something for everyone and numerous venues with incredible history, live music is a massive part of the city’s DNA. Our Students’ Union has hosted some of the greats such as Nirvana, Prince and Wu-Tang Clan.

Your first night out may be at FAC251- Factory, originally the home of Factory Records which featured Joy Division, New Order, and Happy Mondays. 

5. Watching films on the big screen

Yes, we can still enjoy great TV and film at home but we’re missing Manchester’s city cinemas. From the comfort of Everyman cinema to the classics at the beautiful Victoria Baths, from the latest IMAX blockbuster with the local Vue and Odeon to the indie surround sound in HOME, we can’t wait to share an evening out with new friends soon. 

6. Day tripping

Day trips are a big part of your University experience as you discover how central Manchester is compared to the rest of the country. Stay local and take a tram to Salford for the day or branch out and visit one of our neighbouring cities such as Liverpool, Sheffield or Leeds. They’re top of our post-lockdown to-do list.

7. Seeing (physically) the latest exhibitions 

Manchester is blessed with a thriving art and culture scene, and while some, like Manchester Art Gallery and Manchester Museum, are moving to more virtual means of showcasing their collections, we can’t wait to read about a new exhibition and take a Saturday afternoon to broaden our horizons at one of the numerous galleries or museums.

8. Shopping 

Heading into the city and enjoying the wide range of shops available in Manchester is definitely something we’re missing. Whether it’s vintage shopping in the Northern Quarter, freshening your spring-summer essentials from high-street brands, getting lost in Afflecks Palace or just going into Fred Aldous to get some much-needed art supplies, we’re looking forward to exploring the city centre once again for that much-loved bargain!

9. Live sport

Nothing beats the roar of the crowd when you’re at a live sporting event and during lockdown, we’re missing the opportunity to see it live. While Manchester is known for its two top tier-football teams, there are thousands of other annual sporting events. Whether you’re after nail-biting athletics, to the wire test match cricket or high-intensity professional cycling, Manchester’s has a sporting occasion for everyone

10. Our community

If there’s one thing we all miss, and something you’ll appreciate when you study at Manchester, it's the people. People come from around the globe to Manchester because of the things above, but people stay because of the community they become part of.

Whether it's sitting in a park with everyone having picnics in the sun or beer gardens in the centre of town, what we're really missing is the people of Manchester, our work buddies, our friends, and our family. We’re looking forward to when we can enjoy our brilliant city and everyone who makes it, again soon.