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Applying for clearing and adjustment vacancies

You may have a conditional offer that depends on your exam results or you might not be holding any offers going into results day. Either way, you can apply for any remaining course vacancies via clearing or adjustment.

Preparing for your exam results

You may well get the exam results you need to confirm your firm or insurance place at your chosen university, but it’s always worth having a contingency plan in place, just in case. That way, come results day, you'll be completely prepared for all eventualities.

Getting your exam results

For most students, results day generally goes one of three ways:

You get the results you need and confirm your place at either your firm or insurance choice

In this case you’ll probably find that it’s pretty straightforward from here and you don’t need to do anything further. Just check UCAS Track has updated and wait to receive your AS12 confirmation from UCAS.

You don’t get the results you need and you therefore have to consider other options

First things first – log in to UCAS Track and check your status. If you’ve only just missed your offer then there’s a chance you may still be under consideration, or you might even be offered a place on another course at the same university. If not, then you might decide to take a year out or to re-sit your exams and try again next year.

However, if you’ve got your heart set on going to university in September 2018, then you might want to consider applying for vacancies through clearing. So, if your UCAS Track status says ‘you are now in clearing’, you can begin to search for suitable courses that have vacancies.

For more information see entering clearing below.

You did better than you expected and you want to reconsider your original choices

If you meet and exceed the conditions of your firm or insurance offer then you could, if you wanted to, swap your existing place for one on another course or at another University. Adjustment gives you the flexibility to look at your other options while protecting your place at your firm choice.

For more information see considering adjustment below.

Entering clearing

If you didn’t get the results you were hoping for and have entered clearing, you’ll be able to search for vacancies online.

You’ll only enter clearing if you are no longer holding any offers. If there’s a delay in the decision-making process for any reason – e.g. results are still pending – it may take a little while to update your status on UCAS Track.

Apply to Manchester through clearing

If you've found a course at Manchester and you'd like to apply: 

  • Check that you meet the entry requirements 
  • Call the clearing hotline
  • Have your UCAS personal ID, UCAS course code and your results to hand 

Your results are better than expected

You’ll be able to consider adjustment if you meet and exceed the conditions of your firm choice.

Adjustment gives you the flexibility, should you want it, to see what other courses or universities might be available while protecting that all-important confirmed place at your firm choice.   

Apply to Manchester through adjustment

If you think you’re eligible for adjustment and there’s a course at Manchester that has vacancies, please:

  • Check the entry requirements using the course search 
  • Call our clearing vacancy helpline to discuss possible vacancies with a member of our team
  • Have your UCAS personal ID, UCAS course code and your results to hand so that we can deal with your enquiry as quickly as possible

Visit us 

If you've been accepted at Manchester through clearing or adjustment, then you’ll receive an invitation, via email, to the clearing and adjustment open day on Friday, 24 August. This will give you the opportunity to see the campus, take a look at our accommodation and speak to current Manchester students. You’ll also get the chance to visit your academic School and find out more about your course.


If you’ve secured an offer through clearing or adjustment at Manchester, then you may wish to consider your options for student accommodation. Offer holders can make an application for our halls of residence up to 31 August. You can find out more on the accommodation website. If you’re considering living at home you might be interested in our Living at Home Society.  

Find out more

If you still have questions and want to speak to someone follow the links below.