Contextual clearing requirements

This year, we’ll be taking your postcode into account during clearing and adjustment and for some courses may be able to offer lower entry requirements for some students from certain areas.

If you're a UK student and live in what's known as an area of 'disadvantage' or with low progression to higher education then you may be eligible for our contextual clearing requirements.

Some courses offer lower entry requirements during clearing and adjustment to students from certain areas as we know that the context in which you're studying can have an impact on the grades you achieve. Eligibility is based on your home postcode (as indicated on your UCAS application form).

Check your eligibility

To see if these lower requirements apply to you, check your postcode using our lookup tool.

  • If the tool returns a result of ‘Home postcode flag: Yes’ then we may be able to consider you at the lower contextual clearing requirements which will be published in our vacancy lists on our clearing and adjustment page from Tuesday, 11 August. If you meet these requirements then call our clearing and adjustment hotline when it opens on Thursday, 13 August.
  • If the tool returns a result of ‘Home postcode flag: No’ or ‘Home postcode flag: Not Applicable’ then you must meet the ‘Typical A-level offer’ grades in order to be considered.

Check your eligibility before you call to make sure you meet the relevant entry requirements.

We check callers’ eligibility on the hotline and any contextual clearing offers will be dependent on verification of your postcode once we receive your UCAS application. 

Which courses offer lower requirements? 

Our clearing and adjustment page will be updated on Tuesday, 11 August with up-to-date vacancy lists and entry requirements. Contextual clearing requirements will be clearly published from this date for any participating courses.

Why do you use contextual admissions?

We recognise that not everyone has had access to equal standards of education and that social or socio-economic factors can cause a serious disruption to studies. Contextual admissions enables us to consider your achievements in the context of your background in order to level the playing field and ensure we are being as fair as possible.