What are clearing and adjustment?

So, what exactly are clearing and adjustment? Let us explain how each process can help you get the place you want at university.

Update: Tuesday, 10 August 2021

Please note that this year at Manchester we do not have any undergraduate vacancies for clearing or adjustment for 2021 entry. 


Clearing allows universities to match up the places still available with students holding the appropriate grades for these courses.

Who is clearing for?

Lots of students apply through clearing for lots of different reasons. This might be because you have changed your mind about the course you want to study, didn’t receive the results you expected or have only just decided you want to go to university.

You can apply through clearing if:

  • You’ve got your exam results, but you haven’t met the conditions of your firm or insurance offer. Your UCAS Track status will state ‘You are now in clearing’;
  • You don’t hold any offers at any universities;
  • You are applying through UCAS for the first time after 30 June and you already have your exam results.


What is adjustment?

If your results are better than you expected and exceeded the grades that you needed for your conditional firm choice then you are eligible to register for adjustment. For example, if you held a conditional firm offer of AAB but achieved AAA then you would be eligible for adjustment.

Adjustment allows you to search for alternative courses while holding your original unconditional firm place.