Discover Chemistry – Wednesday, 26 June

This day provides hands-on experience of Chemistry courses at The University of Manchester. It gives you the chance to see (and use) for yourselves the kind of scientific instrumentation (IR, NMR etc) you only hear about in school or see on television.

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On the day you will synthesize diphenylmethanol from benzophenone, a reaction type you may have studied at A-level but will probably not have done for yourselves. 

I studied nuclear where possible. Firstly by chance and then through a deep passion. My masters project was related to nuclear decommissioning after building strong links with the nuclear academics and working hard. My year in industry taught me a lot, and was no doubt invaluable in teaching me how to conduct myself in the workplace, giving me a sense of responsibility, reporting to my line manager and the client.

Matthew Lockwood / MChem Chemistry with Industrial Experience

Follow the conversion of a carbon-oxygen double-bond to a single-bond by infra-red spectroscopy and check on progress and purity by thin-layer chromatography on silica, visualized by ultra-violet lamp. These processes are typical of how new medicines are discovered.

After lunch, where you can chat to current chemistry students, you will tour other instrumental facilities of the department including nuclear magnetic resonance, mass spectrometry/gas chromatography and x-ray diffraction. Then, a brief career talk showing where a degree in chemistry might lead will be followed by an entertaining demonstration lecture to round off the day with a bang! These sorts of demonstrations play a key role in lectures at Manchester.

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