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MEng Aerospace Engineering with Industrial Experience / Careers

Year of entry: 2019

Career opportunities

Graduates are equipped to enter the global aerospace and defence industries, or continue on to postgraduate study.  The enormous range of career opportunities reflects the diverse and multidisciplinary nature of the aerospace sector.  Acquiring high levels of attainment in transferable skills such as simulation, problem solving, design, management and modelling enables graduates to adapt to new challenges and offers broad insight into engineering solutions. 

You can become a research engineer, discovering new ideas; a design engineer, with creativity and imagination; a construction or production engineer, making products or systems; or a project manager, controlling complex products and constructions.  The excitement is that you are unlikely to do the same thing day in and day out. Our graduates are increasingly sought after for positions in the business, management and financial arenas. 

Accrediting organisations

All our  Aerospace Engineering degrees are fully accredited  - Chartered Engineer CEng is the highest professional qualification for engineers. It is recognised internationally and renders you eligible for the European Ingenieur (Eurling) qualification.

The process to become a Chartered Engineer has three stages:

  • 1. The Educational Base (MEng, or BEng with MSc)
  • 2. Initial Professional Development
  • 3. Professional Review
Graduates on this BEng (Hons) course will therefore need further learning equivalent to masters level for Chartered status, via an approved or accredited MSc, transfer to an MEng course, or other further learning, such as part of a structured training programme in the workplace.

Associated organisations

Students are encouraged to become members of the  Royal Aeronautical Society .