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LLB Law with Politics and International Study / Course details

Year of entry: 2019

Course description

Our LLB Law with Politics and International Study course is a joint honours degree that provides you with a broad understanding of politics and law from a national and international perspective.

Our expertise in these fields makes Manchester an especially good place to study. You'll expand your ability to think globally and consider comparative approaches to worldwide interconnected issues during your year at one of our partner institutions.

The Law part of the course provides a solid and comprehensive grounding in key legal principles, as well as enabling you to specialise in particular areas of interest in later years.

In the Politics part of the course, we introduce you to leading approaches in areas such as international relations and European politics, as well as core political theoretical concepts. Building on this foundation, you're free to follow your particular interests within the field of politics.

Alongside enhanced skills in legal reasoning, you will develop the intellectual ability and flexibility to readily assimilate new ideas and materials from a variety of legal and political sources.

The skills and knowledge you gain will have far-reaching relevance for your future career, whether in the field of law, international relations or a variety of other social science disciplines.

You'll apply for the International Exchange Programme in your second year of study. Exchange Programme in your second year of study.

In your third year, you will study abroad at one of our partner universities, following the selection process in year 2. The year abroad will give you a unique experience and broaden your horizon. This academically rewarding and culturally enriching experience will challenge your existing knowledge by introducing you to new perspectives and ideas.


We aim to provide you with a strong integrated grounding in the study of both Law and Politics.

You will gain advanced knowledge of the principles and rules of English law, as well as a rounded understanding of government and public affairs, including the ideas and theories that have informed their conduct.

We aim to provide you with general academic and transferable skills as well as knowledge which will help you gain employment. In particular, the course will encourage initiative, independent learning, and commitment to scholarship of a very high quality including the development your powers of inquiry, critical analysis and logical thinking.

The opportunity to study abroad will provide you with an understanding of legal and political systems, principles, ideas and theories from the perspective of another country, as well as developing an awareness of global challenges and how they are dealt with in different political, legal and cultural systems.

Special features

Volunteer for the Legal Advice Centre

You can gain insights into the legal profession while helping members of the public with real life legal issues by volunteering at the University's Legal Advice Centre, which offers pro bono legal advice to the public, university staff and students. It is sponsored by major city firms and supported by University of Law solicitors and barristers who are quality marked by the Legal Services Commission.

The Centre aims to provide practical experience for our students who are supervised by legal practitioners, and to offer a reliable service to its clients, who seek help with their legal problems and in many circumstances have nowhere else to obtain legal advice.

Find out more about the Legal Advice Centre and read about the success of students who took on a case on behalf of a group of redundant workers.

Study abroad

You will study abroad in your 3rd year, gaining experience of another culture, legal and educational system as well as valuable international connections. Eligibility criteria apply.

Connect with like-minded students

Benefit from unique experiences, networking and professional development opportunities by getting involved with one of our many student societies

Teaching and learning

Formal based contact hours consisting of lectures and seminars, amount to between 10 and 12 hours per week. You will to spend in the region of 40 hours per week studying inclusive of lectures and seminars.

Lectures are delivered to a large cohort of students, covering an overview of a particular subject. Seminars are small groups of up to 12 students and an academic member of staff. You will discuss and present aspects of a legal topic which you are learning. You are expected to prepare in advance for the discussion and you are also required to submit written work for each subject.

During your year abroad (3 rd year), you will study Law and Politics subjects in your host university, you also have the opportunity to study some course units outside your main area of study. Most of our partner universities teach in English, but you can also study in a foreign language.

We also offer skills sessions throughout the year, working in conjunction with local and international lawyers and our Careers Service to enhance our students' academic learning progress and employability. 

In addition, weekly in-sessional classes are offered to help students with English research and essay-writing skills.

Find out more about teaching and learning

Coursework and assessment

Methods of assessing your work are as varied as the teaching methods we use.

In addition to the usual exams and essay, some of your work will be assessed through oral presentations, short exercises or written pieces such as book reviews, and project work.

Your year abroad will be assessed while you are there, as well as continuous assessment in Manchester.

We are keen that learning also takes place through the detailed feedback we give you when assessing your work. You will get constructive comments, criticism, and suggestions for improvement on all your written and oral work.

In this way, we hope to make the process of learning a positive and enjoyable process.

Course content for year 1

Course units for year 1

The course unit details given below are subject to change, and are the latest example of the curriculum available on this course of study.

TitleCodeCredit ratingMandatory/optional
Public Law LAWS10100 30 Mandatory
Obligations I LAWS10200 30 Mandatory
Introduction to Comparative Politics POLI10202 20 Mandatory
Introduction to International Politics POLI10601 20 Mandatory
Introduction to Political Theory POLI10702 20 Mandatory

Course content for year 2

At the end of the second year, you can choose to move to Track 1 (LLB Law with Politics) or to Track 2 (BA Law with Politics). You will be given advice on your choice.

Course units for year 2

The course unit details given below are subject to change, and are the latest example of the curriculum available on this course of study.

TitleCodeCredit ratingMandatory/optional
Property Law I LAWS20110 30 Mandatory
Criminal Law LAWS20300 30 Mandatory
Crime, Law and History LAWS20242 20 Optional
Public International Law LAWS20372 20 Optional
Modelling Criminological Data LAWS20452 20 Optional
Principles of Law, Medicine and Ethics LAWS20732 20 Optional

Course content for year 3

Your third year of study will be completed in a host University in another country in Europe or further afield. You will normally be expected to complete a mixture of Law and Politics course units during this period of study but, depending on the options available at the host University, may pursue other subjects of interest.

Course content for year 4

On Track 1 you will take three compulsory Law course units: Obligations II, European Union Law and Property II.

You will also take two 20-credit units from the available Level 3 optional Politics course units and a further 20 credits from the available Level 3 optional Law course units.

On Track 2, you will be able to select from a choice of Law and Politics course units.

Many students will choose a dissertation subject that bridges both disciplines, but this is not essential. Students are assigned a supervisor who will be a specialist in the subject chosen by the student.

Scholarships and bursaries

The School is offering a number of awards for students applying for undergraduate study. To find out more please visit our  Manchester Law Scholars Awards 2019 page .

What our students say

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Your studies with us will be supported by the first-class resources you'd expect of a top law school. We offer the spaces you need to work, interact and develop your skills, including a moot court and extensive library and IT facilities across campus.

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Disability support

Practical support and advice for current students and applicants is available from the Disability Advisory and Support Service. Email: