BSc Management (Human Resources) with Industrial/Professional Experience

Year of entry: 2020

Course unit details:
Operations Management and Strategy

Unit code BMAN24291
Credit rating 20
Unit level Level 2
Teaching period(s) Semester 1
Offered by Alliance Manchester Business School
Available as a free choice unit? No


The course is designed to give students a first look into one of the most fundamental functions of any organisation, its ‘operations’ and its relationship with strategy. The operations function of a business, whether it be in manufacturing or services, has the responsibility of making whatever it is the organisation will sell (whether it’s a product or service). During the semester, we will study this core function extensively and see the vital role it plays in strategy as well as analysing some of the important decisions that must be made by operations managers when it comes to design, planning and control and improvement of the organisation’s industrial engineering system.


Only available to students on: Mgt/Mgt Specialism; IMABS and IM.


On completion of this course unit the student should be able to use the operations management frameworks and techniques presented to develop strategies, design, plan and control operations.

Learning outcomes

  • To give the students a general understanding of how a business operates, both in manufacturing and services.
  • Students should understand the range of frameworks, tools and techniques taught in this module and how they relate to an organisation.
  • Students should be able to analyse the operations of an organisation using the tools taught in this module.
  • Students should be able to evaluate the operations of an organisation and understand how this output relates to strategy.


Syllabus/Course content:







No session


Introduction to Ops Management

OM Strategy (Chapters 1,2 & 3)


Design in Operations Management (Chapters 4 & 7)

Lean (Chapter 15)



Supply and demand (Chapters 10 & 11)

Value Stream Mapping (Supplementary Text)


Inventory management (Chapter 12)

Lean game


Supply chain (Chapter 6 & 13)

Operations improvement (Chapter 16)


Reading week


Guest lecture

Risk Management (Chapters 18)


Coursework Presentations – both sessions


Quality (Chapter 17)

Sustainable operations management (Supplementary Text)


Revision session

No session


Teaching and learning methods

16 two-hour lectures.

Employability skills

A guest lecture delivered by an Operations professional and will give the students valuable insight into how the theories and concepts being presented during the duration of the course are applied in a real life scenario. This session will also give students the opportunity to see and ask questions about how a career in operations can be shaped.

Assessment methods

This course has two forms of assessment, 30% group assignment and 70% closed book examination.


The exam will be 2 hours long.

Group assignment

Each group is required to do a presentation of no more than 10 minutes and submit a 2-page report outlining the main points of the presentations.

Special Assessment for exchange students only

The special assessment for this course is an essay weighted at 100% (3,000 – 3,500 word limit).  Details of the topics and submission procedures will be made available on Blackboard.


The resit examination will be taken by any student who fails the course unit. This will also be a 2 hour exam to take place during the resit examination period.

Formative feedback – Students will be provided with formative feedback in the breakout sessions and also group assignment feedback will be given before the examination. More specifically, the presentations will be a chance to get feedback on the students’ understanding of the OM and OS concepts covered in class. They will receive feedback on the presentations within 24 hours of the final presentation.

Feedback methods

Extensive break-out sessions in lectures provides students with real time, targeted and specific formative feedback.

After group coursework presentations students will receive Just-In-Time feedback on their coursework. While this will not include the final grade it will give students specific and targeted feedback. This feedback will be sent via email after the conclusion of the final presentation.

Recommended reading

Slack et al. (Operations Management)

Study hours

Scheduled activity hours
Assessment written exam 2
Lectures 32
Independent study hours
Independent study 166

Teaching staff

Staff member Role
Fahian Huq Unit coordinator
Christopher Smith Unit coordinator

Additional notes

Pre-requisites: None
Co-requisites: None
Dependent courses: None

Programme Restrictions:BSc Management and Management (Specialisms), BSc International Management with American Business Studies, BSc International Management,


For Academic Year 2019/20

Updated: May 2019 

Approved by: March UG Committee

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