BSc International Disaster Management and Humanitarian Response and French / Careers

Year of entry: 2020

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Students will be exposed to the diverse methodologies and knowledge areas of these two distinct disciplines, and will be able to draw on their points of convergence. The study of humanitarianism and responses to conflict and disaster is dependent not just on knowledge of global strategies, dynamics and practices but also on regional specificities. For that reason, by combining learning about humanitarianism with Modern Languages, programmes that depend on the integrated study of linguistic knowledge and regional culture and history, future graduates from these programmes will be able to demonstrate a range of different intellectual and practical skills. The majority of students in HCRI take the degree in IDMHR because they plan to work overseas, in organisations that are engaging in disaster risk management, humanitarian response, and peace building and conflict resolution. Therefore, having an excellent grasp of a language other than English is extremely beneficial, and will significantly increase the employability of graduates.