Additional non-repayable support

Students from the following groups may be entitled to additional support either from the university they are studying at or the government.

You may be entitled to additional support through one or more of the schemes below:

Disabled Student Allowance (DSA) 

Students with a disability, mental health condition, long-term health condition or specific learning difficulty through the Disabled Students’ Allowance. Find out more on the government website. Students should apply early for Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA) so that financial support is ready when they begin university. 

Students should make contact with the University’s Disability Advisory and Support Service as soon as possible to ensure the relevant support can be put into place. Find out more from the University Disability Advisory and Support Service

For tips on how to apply for DSA, visit the Save the Student DSA online guide.

Parents' Learning Allowance and Chidcare Grant

Students with one or more dependent children through the Parents’ Learning Allowance and Childcare Grant. Find out more on the government website

Adult Dependants’ Grant 

Students with a financially dependent adult through the Adult Dependants’ grant. Find out more on the government website.

Care leaver support

If you are a care leaver starting university for the first time, you should be entitled to a one-off £2,000 Higher Education Bursary from your local authority. Most care leavers will be assessed by Student Finance as independent and eligible for the maximum maintenance loan, as well as the tuition fee loan. You should also be eligible for both the Manchester Bursary and the Undergraduate Access Scholarship from The University of Manchester.

For more information on care leaver support at The University of Manchester, email:

NHS financial support

Students in their fifth and sixth year (if sixth year is applicable) of Medicine or Dentistry, are currently eligible to apply for NHS funding for these years only. These students can expect to have their tuition fees paid by the NHS, be eligible to apply for a reduced government maintenance loan, be eligible for a non means-tested NHS maintenance grant and be able to apply for an NHS means-tested maintenance bursary. Find out more on the NHS website.

The Government announced in December 2019 that Nursing, Midwifery and many Allied Health Professional students will receive non-repayable support of between £5,000 and £8,000 from September 2020. This includes the following programmes:

  • Nursing (Adult, Child and Mental Health)
  • Midwifery
  • Speech and Language Therapy

Read more about the announcement