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Website help

This page contains general help information relevant to the main university website. If you have a query or problem about a specific page that is not addressed here, please contact us.

Finding your way around our website

The tabs at the top of the page are the main sections of the site, aimed at different people - 'Undergraduate' is for people thinking of studying here for a first degree, 'International' is for overseas students, and so on. When you click on one of the tabs it is highlighted, and the bar below the tab shows the main menu for that section. When you are in a section, the section menu on the left-hand side gives links to other pages in the same section. Below the left hand menu there are sometimes additional 'Related links' to other areas of the site that may be useful. Some section menu links will take you to sub-sections, and then the sub-section menu will also be shown on the left menu, slightly offset from the main section menu.

There is also a breadcrumb trail below the top bar which shows you the steps you have taken to get to the page you are currently on. For example, it might say:

Home - Undergraduate - How to apply

Each of these items is a link, so as well as showing you where you are in the website, the 'breadcrumb trail' allows you to go 'up' one or more sections.

Browser support

We have made every effort to make this site usable for as many different web browsers as possible. Unfortunately, older browsers are not able to take advantage of current technology, and so the site does not look as 'designed' as it does in modern browsers, although all the information should be accessible. We would encourage all users, if at all possible, to update their browser to the latest version - not only for this site, but to enhance your use of the web in general. Latest versions of commonly used browsers may be downloaded from:

Alternatively, many computing magazines come with free CD-ROMs which include the latest versions of various browsers.

Adjusting text size

Our website is built using relative font sizes, which means that if you want to see larger or smaller text, you can change the text size using your browser. In Internet Explorer this is done by going to the top menu and selecting 'View', then 'Text Size'. Medium is the usual setting, so selecting Larger or Largest will increase the text size. Similar facilities exist in other browsers, normally on the 'View' menu. Your browser's 'Help' menu should give you further information about making these adjustments.


You may be able to find the answer to your question by searching the University's website.

You can enter a keyword into the search box on the top right-hand corner of any page, or you can go to the 'Advanced Search' page to use specific search criteria or features.

Contacting us

If you need to contact some one to help you with your enquiry please see our 'Support services contacts' page, which gives you telephone numbers and email addresses for particular areas of the University.

Printing from this website

We have set this site up so that if you are using a modern browser, when you print a page the printout will not include the menus or sidebars. If the page title and address don't appear on your printout, you can set your browser to add them. This is usually done by choosing 'Page Setup' from the 'File' menu, or you can check your browser's 'Help' menu to find out how to do this.