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Professor Brian Cox

Star Lecture Series at The University of Manchester

Our Star Lecture Series has been developed to allow teachers and pupils access to exciting curriculum resources, delivered by some of our leading academic staff.

Filmed and recorded at the University, these lectures cover topic areas on the national curriculum and exam syllabuses. They link school and college work to current research and offer an insight into university study.

The series aims to cover a variety of different subject areas and age ranges, from Year 9 to sixth-form students. As well as booking your place for upcoming Star Lectures, you can watch videos of previous Star Lectures and see accompanying information, such as suggested further reading. See the left-hand menu for a list of previous lectures.

Confirmed Star Lectures for 2016/17

Humanities Star Lectures

The Excitement of History – delivered by Professor of Michael Wood, University of Manchester’s Professor of Public History, and documentary filmmaker.

  • Date: 8 February 2017
  • Time: 10am to 1pm.
  • Location: The University of Manchester campus
  • For: Year 10 and 11 / Key Stage 4 pupils

Professor Michael Wood will be lecturing on the joys and wonders of historical study and research using examples of his work and experiences in his long and distinguished career as a scholar and documentary film maker. Pupils will also have chance to ask Professor Wood their own questions in a post-lecture Q&A.

Booking for this event is essential, and we welcome bookings from individual students, as well as group bookings by teachers.

NB: If your students will be attending without a teacher/staff member, please ask them to complete the individual booking form.

Ghosts in the Machine: 9/11 and Music Technology – delivered by Dr Kevin Malone, Director in Composition

  • Date and time to be confirmed
  • The University of Manchester campus
  • For Year 12 and 13 / Key Stage 5 students

Since 2001, Kevin Malone has composed music about the events of 9/11 based on oral histories of witnesses recalling the events. Using a variety of sources from broadcast news bulletins to recording his own interviews with witnesses, Kevin has listened carefully to how people related their experiences – their exclamations, hesitant recollections, pensive asides – and then notated the music within their voices.

He captured their pitches, rhythms and phrases to make instrumental melodies, resulting in tunes which sound more like speech than song, thus preserving the original emotions but without the words. Six of his seven compositions about 9/11 use this technique, and they have been featured in newspapers, television interviews, radio broadcasts, dozens of internet news outlets, embassies' publications, two CDs, Spotify, iTunes and through Amazon.

The lecture includes historical background of the events, video and audio examples of the music, explanation of the technique, ethical issues, and a live demonstration with audience interaction on how this works.

Booking for this event is essential, and we welcome bookings from individual students, as well as group bookings by teachers. We'll post details on how to book once the time and date for the event are confirmed. 

YouTube channel

Our YouTube channel has a number of videos about The University of Manchester. Edited versions of the Star Lectures by Professor Brian Cox and others are also available there for use by learners and teachers.


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