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The University of Manchester has invested over £6.8m per year to support postgraduate research students in recent years. In addition to these internal funds, a substantial amount of funding was also generated from research councils, industry and other external sources. In research council funding alone, the University receives an average of £20 million per year to support its postgraduate taught and research degree students across a variety of disciplines.

This section provides information on these funding opportunities and offers general advice on how to fund your studies.

To find funding opportunities:

On these pages, we refer to the following types of awards:

Studentship: Normally full payment of tuition fees plus a stipend for living expenses.

Project-Specific Studentship: As above but the funding is attached to a named research project

Scholarship: Normally payment of either tuition fees or a stipend for living expenses.

Graduate Teaching Assistantship: Normally payment of a studentship or a scholarship, plus regular paid part-time teaching duties during term time.

Bursary: Normally a one-off payment, usually of a smaller amount than a scholarship, for assistance with something specific such as tuition fees, living expenses or travel costs.