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Prof Inderjeet Parmar - publications

List of publications

Authored book

  • Foundations of the American Century. New York: Columbia University Press, 2012. eScholarID:118019
  • Parmar, I S. Think Tanks and Power in Foreign Policy: A Comparative Study of the Role and Influence of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Royal Institute of International Affairs, 1939-1945. Palgrave Macmillan, 2004. eScholarID:4b255
  • Parmar, I S. Foreign Policy Elites and the State: Comparing the Council on Foreign Relations and the Royal Institute of International Affairs, 1939-1945. eScholarID:4b60

Edited book

  • Inderjeet Parmar. Inderjeet Parmar. ed. International Politics. International Politics. London: Palgrave, 2011. eScholarID:127156
  • Inderjeet Parmar and Michael Cox. ed. Soft Power and US Foreign Policy. Routledge Studies in US Foreign Policy. London: Routledge, 2010. eScholarID:94509
  • Inderjeet Parmar, Linda Miller, and Mark Ledwidge. ed. New Directions in US Foreign Policy. Routledge Studies in US Foreign Policy. London: 2009. eScholarID:94501

Book contribution

  • Inderjeet Parmar. "American hegemony, the Rockefeller Foundation, and the Rise of Academic International Relations in the US." In The Invention of International Relations Theory, ed. Nicolas Guilhot, 182-209. New York: Columbia University Press, 2011. eScholarID:127159
  • Inderjeet Parmar. "Challenging Elite Anti-Americanism in the Cold War." In Soft Power and US Foreign Policy, ed. Inderjeet Parmar and Michael Cox, London: Routledge, 2010. eScholarID:94648
  • Inderjeet Parmar. "Soul Brothers? Blair, Bush and the compact between liberal interventionism and conservative nationalism." In Remoralising Britain, ed. PM Scott, CR Baker, and EL Graham, 205-222. London: Continuum, 2009. eScholarID:94649
  • Inderjeet Parmar. "A Neo-Conservative US Foreign Policy Establishment? K. Christie, ed., National Identity and US Foreign Policy in the 21st Century (London: Routledge, forthcoming)." In National Identity and US Foreign Policy in the 21st Century (London: Routledge, forthcoming), ed. Ken Christie, 37-49. London: Routledge, 2008. eScholarID:14155
  • Inderjeet Parmar. "Combatting Anti-Americanism: American Foundations and Public Diplomacy During the Cold War and the War on Terror." In The Political Consequences of Anti-Americanism, ed. Richard Higgott and Ivona malbasic, 29-43. Oxford: Polity Press, 2008. eScholarID:14166
  • Inderjeet Parmar. "American Government Responses to Anti-Americanism: Greenwood Press)." In Anti-Americanism Today, ed. Brendon O'Connor, 239-262. Westport: Greenwood Press, 2007. eScholarID:12285
  • Parmar, I S. "Anti-Americanism and the major foundations." In The Rise of Anti-Americanism, ed. B. O’Connor and M. Griffiths, Routledge, 2006. eScholarID:3b3593
  • Parmar, I S. "Conceptualising the American State-Private Network during the Cold War." In The US Government Citizen Groups and the Cold War:The State-Private Network, ed. Wilford, H, Routledge, 2006. eScholarID:3b609
  • Inderjeet Parmar. "Foundations and Globalisation Encyclopedia of Globalization (New York: Moschovitis Group)." In Encyclopedia of Globalization, ed. Jan Arte Scholte, -. New York: Moschovitis Group, 2006. eScholarID:14659
  • Parmar, I S. "Institutes of international affairs." In Thinktanks across Nations: Policy Research and the Politics of ideas, ed. Stone, D. Denham, A. Garnett, M, Manchester University Press, 2004. eScholarID:3b138
  • Parmar, I S. "Chatham House." In Oxford Companion to 20th-Century British Politics, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2000. eScholarID:3b611
  • Parmar, I S. "The Law and Order Policy of the Labour Government." In New Labour into Power, ed. Coates, D. Lawler, P, 207-220. Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2000. eScholarID:3b4237
  • Parmar, I S. "Chatham House, the Foreign Policy Process, and the Making of the Anglo-American." In Chatham House and BritishForeign Policy 1919-1945. The Royal Institute of International Affairs During the Inter-War Period, ed. Bosco, A. Navari, C, 299-318. London: Lothian Foundation Press, 1994. eScholarID:3b610

Journal article

  • Inderjeet Parmar. "Foundation Networks and American Hegemony." European Journal of American Studies(2012) . eScholarID:148361 | DOI:10.4000/ejas.9476
  • Inderjeet Parmar. "The Knowledge Politics of Democratic Peace Theory." International Politics 49(2012) . eScholarID:127158
  • Inderjeet Parmar. "American Power and Identities in the age of Obama." International Politics 48, no. 2/3(2011) : 153-163. eScholarID:127157 | DOI:10.1057/ip.2011.10
  • Inderjeet Parmar. "Obama’s Foreign Policy: Cautious But Continuous?" E-Pol(2010) . eScholarID:94653
  • Inderjeet Parmar. "Plus Ca Change? American Foreign Policy under Obama." Political Insight 1, no. 1(2010) : 14-16. eScholarID:94651 | DOI:10.1111/j.2041-9066.2010.00007.x
  • Inderjeet Parmar. "Foreign Policy Fusion: Liberal Interventionists, Conservative Nationalists and Neoconservatives, the New Alliance Dominating the US Foreign Policy Establishment." International Politics 46, no. 2/3(2009) : 177-209. eScholarID:94646 | DOI:10.1057/ip.2008.47
  • Inderjeet Parmar. "Challenging Elite Anti-Americanism and Sponsoring Americanism in the Cold War: US Foundations, Henry Kissinger's Harvard International Seminar, and the Salzburg Seminar in American Studies." Traverse no. 1(2006) : 116-129. eScholarID:14136
  • Parmar, I S. "Catalysing Events, Think Tanks and American Foreign Policy Shifts: A Comparative Analysis of the Impacts of Pearl Harbor 1941 and 11 September 2001." Government and Opposition 40(1)(2005) : 1-25. eScholarID:1b1287 | DOI:10.1111/j.1477-7053.2005.00141.x
  • Inderjeet Parmar. "'I'm proud of the British Empire': Why Tony Blair Backs George W. Bush." Political Quarterly 76, no. 2(2005) : 218-231. eScholarID:14117 | DOI:10.1111/j.1467-923X.2005.00674.x
  • Parmar, I S. "Another important group that needs more cultivation: The CFR and the mobilization of Black Americans for Interventionism, 1939-1941." Ethnic and Racial Studies 27(5)(2004) : 710-731. eScholarID:1b1288 | DOI:10.1080/0141987042000246318
  • Parmar, I S. "American Foundations and the Development of International Knowledge Networks." Global Networks 2(1)(2002) : 13-30. eScholarID:1b271 | DOI:10.1111/1471-0374.00024
  • Parmar, I S. "Anglo-American Elites in the Inter-War Years: Idealism and Power in the Intellectual Roots of Chatham House and the Council on Foreign Relations." International Relations 16(1)(2002) : 53-75. eScholarID:1b1289 | DOI:10.1177/0047117802016001005
  • Parmar, I S. "To relate knowledge and action: The Impact of the Rockefeller Foundation on Foreign Policy Thinking during America's Rise to Globalism, 1939-1945." Minerva 40(2002) : 235-263. eScholarID:1b270 | DOI:10.1023/A:1019572526066
  • Parmar, I S. "Resurgent Academic Interest in the Council on Foreign Relations." Politics 21 (1)(2001) : 31-39. eScholarID:1b269 | DOI:10.1111/1467-9256.00132
  • Parmar, I S. "Engineering Consent: the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and the Mobilization of American public opinion, 1939-1945." Review of International Studies 26, No. 1(2000) : 35-48. eScholarID:1b1589
  • Parmar, I S. "Mobilizing America for Internationalist Foreign Policy: The Role of the CFR." Studies in American Political Development 13, No. 2(2000) : 337-373. eScholarID:1b1587
  • Parmar, I S. "The role and impact of the Rockefeller Foundation on Foreign Policy Thinking during America's rise to globalism."(2000) . eScholarID:1b7627
  • Parmar, I S. "The Carnegie Corporation and the Mobilisation of Opinion in the United States' Rise to Globalism, 1939-1945." Minerva 37, No. 4(1999) : 355-378. eScholarID:1b55
  • Parmar, I S. "100 years since Plessey vs. Ferguson." CT(1996) . eScholarID:1b1305
  • Parmar, I S. "The Issue of State Power: A Case Study of the Council on Foreign Relations." Journal of American Studies(1995) : 73-95. eScholarID:1b1290
  • Parmar, I S., D Barnes. "The crisis of the [US] black male." CT(1995) . eScholarID:1b1304
  • Parmar, I S., D Barnes. "The political initiative passes to the [US] Muslims." CT(1995) . eScholarID:1b1303
  • Parmar, I S. "Oldham 's Asian Rifles?" The Asian Age(1994) . eScholarID:1b1299
  • Parmar, I S. "Oldham 's race crisis deepens." Asian Age(1994) . eScholarID:1b1301
  • Parmar, I S. "Racial violence on rise in IJK." Asian Age(1994) . eScholarID:1b1300
  • Parmar, I S. "US black middle classes also have cultural reasons to deal with racism." CT(1994) . eScholarID:1b1302
  • Parmar, I S. "The omnipresent free market racism that dominates American culture." CT(1993) . eScholarID:1b1298
  • Parmar, I S. "Black agenda ignored in US election campaign." CT(1992) . eScholarID:1b1295
  • Parmar, I S. "Chatham House and the Anglo-American Alliance." Diplomacy and Statecraft(1992) : 23-47. eScholarID:1b1291
  • Parmar, I S. "Drug war or race war." Caribbean Times(1992) . eScholarID:1b1293
  • Parmar, I S. "US presidential race beyond Ross Perot." CT(1992) . eScholarID:1b1296
  • Parmar, I S. "USA 's economic crisis opens door to social reform." Asian Times(1992) . eScholarID:1b1294
  • Parmar, I S. "Will Clinton attack the real source of social distress -- the economy?" CT(1992) . eScholarID:1b1297
  • Parmar, I S. "The Foreign Policy of the FBI [Federation of British Industries]: The Anglo-American Alliance, 1938-1945." Business Archives(1990) : 42-55. eScholarID:1b1292
  • Parmar, I S. "Ford and Rockefeller foundations' role in Development Studies/IDPM at Manchester University.". eScholarID:1b272
  • Parmar, I S. "Foundations of the American Century: Carnegie, Ford and Rockefeller Foundations and US Foreign Affairs, 1920-2005.". eScholarID:1b6619
  • Parmar, I S. "Rockefeller Foundation and CC role in Chatham House, 1920s to 1940s.". eScholarID:1b274
  • Parmar, I S. "Rockefeller Foundation and Ford Foundation role in Indonesia, 1950s and 1960s.". eScholarID:1b273

Conference contribution

  • Inderjeet Parmar. Hard and Soft Power in American Foreign Policy. In Hard Power Vs Soft Power23 June 2010 - 26 June 2010. University of Cambridge. eScholarID:94662

Working paper

  • Parmar, Inderjeet. "Not Neo-Conservatism But Conservative Nationalism and Liberal Internationalism: The New Alliance Dominating the US Foreign Policy Establishment." University of manchester, Centre for International Politics Working Paper(2007) . eScholarID:12300
  • Parmar, Inderjeet S, and Wilkinson, Rorden. "Normalising Empire, Ignoring Imperialism." Centre for International Politics(2005) . eScholarID:14598

Newspaper/magazine contribution

  • Inderjeet Parmar. "Wikileaks: A terrorist for opposing American imperial power." Political reflection(2010) . eScholarID:127160
  • Inderjeet Parmar. "Robert Cooper at BISA: Tread Softly and Carry a Large Carrot!." BISA News(2005) : -. eScholarID:14567


  • Parmar, Inderjeet S. Think Tanks and Power in Foreign Policy. University of manchester, 2005. eScholarID:14682


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  • Parmar, I S. Intellectuals, Foreign Policy and the State, Manchester Papers on Intellectuals, the State and Society. 1994.