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Dr Laura Tunbridge - publications

List of publications

Authored book

  • Laura Tunbridge. The Song Cycle. Cambridge Introductions to Music. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2010. eScholarID:108469
  • Tunbridge, L. Schumann's late style. Cambridge University Press, 2007. eScholarID:4b2174

Edited book

  • Roe-Min Kok and Laura Tunbridge. ed. Rethinking Schumann. New York: Oxford University Press, 2011. eScholarID:108468

Book contribution

  • Laura Tunbridge. "Listening to Gerhardt through the Ages." In Autorschaft - Genie - Geschlecht, ed. Kordula Knaus and Susanne Kogler, 179-194. Vienna: Boehlau, 2013. eScholarID:187302
  • Laura Tunbridge. "Deserted Chambers of the Mind (Schumann Memories)." In Rethinking Schumann, ed. Roe-Min Kok and Laura Tunbridge, 15. New York: Oxford University Press, 2011. eScholarID:108451
  • Roe-Min Kok and Laura Tunbridge. "Preface." In Rethinking Schumann, ed. Roe-Min Kok and Laura Tunbridge, v-viii. New York: Oxford University Press, 2011. eScholarID:108453
  • Laura Tunbridge. "Robert Schumann." In Oxford Bibliographies Online: Music, ed. Bruce Gustafson, online: Oxford University Press, 2011. eScholarID:108458
  • Laura Tunbridge. "Schumann als “the Perfect Wagnerite”: Seine Rezeption in England um 1900." In Robert Schumann, ed. Helmut Loos, Leipzig: Gudrun Schroeder Verlag, 2010. eScholarID:108487
  • Tunbridge, L. "Schumann's Piano Music II: Afterimages." In The Cambridge Companion to Schumann, ed. Beate Perrey, 203-232.Cambridge University Press, 2007. eScholarID:3b2305
  • Tunbridge, L. "Weber's Ghost: 'Euryanthe', 'Genoveva', 'Lohengrin'." In Music, Theatre and Politics: 1848 to the Third Reich, ed. Nikolaus Bacht, 9-29.Ashgate, 2006. eScholarID:3b2304

Journal article

  • Laura Tunbridge. "Frieda Hempel and the Historical Imagination." Journal of the American Musicological Society 66, no. 2(2013) : 437-474. eScholarID:177639 | DOI:10.1525/jams.2013.66.2.437
  • Laura Tunbridge. "Singing Translations: The Politics of Listening Between the Wars." Representations 123(2013) : 53-86. eScholarID:194398 | DOI:10.1525/rep.2013.123.1.53
  • Laura Tunbridge. "Schumann’s orchestration for Das Paradies und die Peri and the Szenen aus Goethe’s Faust." American Choral Directors Association Journal 51, no. 2(2010) : 6-17. eScholarID:108449
  • Tunbridge, L. "'Schumann: A Lover's Guide': review of biographies by Worthen and Payk." Journal of the Royal Musical Association 133(2008) : 144-155. eScholarID:1b5365 | DOI:10.1093/jrma/fkm015
  • Tunbridge, L. "From count to chimney sweep: Byron's 'Manfred' in London theatres." Music and Letters 87(2006) : 212-236. eScholarID:1b3972 | DOI:10.1093/ml/gci204
  • Tunbridge, L. "Schumann as Manfred." Musical Quarterly 87(2004) : 546-569. eScholarID:1b3971 | DOI:10.1093/musqtl/gdh020
  • Tunbridge, L. "Schumann's 'Manfred' in the Mental Theatre." Cambridge Opera Journal 15(2)(2003) : 153-183. eScholarID:1b3010 | DOI:10.1017/S0954586703001678