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Dr Madeleine Reeves - publications

List of publications


  • Reeves, M. (2017). The Ashar-State: Communal Commitment and State Elicitation in Rural Kyrgyzstan. In J. Heathershaw, & E. Schatz (Eds.), Paradox of Power: The Logics of State Weakness in Eurasia. (Central Eurasia in Context). Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press. . Publication link: 261e9de1-7c1a-4958-b56a-97523ed1fe8d


  • Reeves, M. (2016). Borders, Biopolitcs and Spaces of Refusal. Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute, 22(3), 717-721. DOI: 10.1111/1467-9655.12456. Publication link: ecaee770-5438-42cf-ad44-20224da8f3a2
  • Reeves, M. (2016). Infrastructural Hope: Anticipating 'Independent Roads' and Territorial Integrity in Southern Kyrgyzstan. Ethnos, 1-27. DOI: 10.1080/00141844.2015.1119176. Publication link: e852e3e1-97fc-48f6-900d-f649681bee0b
  • Reeves, M., & Kasatkina, A., (TRANS.) (2016). Trace, Trajectory, Pressure Point: Re-imagining 'Area Studies' in an Age of Migration. Antropologicheskij Forum, 2016 (28), 97-116. . Publication link: e7da78e6-a540-43f1-8d6b-a5b6c5ad07fd
  • Reeves, M. (2016). "And Our Words Must be Constructive!" On the Discordances of Glasnost' in the Central Asian Press at a Time of Conflict. Cahiers d'Asie Centrale, 26(1), 77-110. . Publication link: d2b89289-aa37-4a64-899d-23036a60e3a1
  • Reeves, M. (2016). The Black List: On Infrastructural Indeterminacy and its Reverberations. In P. Harvey, C. B. Jensen, & A. Morita (Eds.), Infrastructures and Social Complexity: A Companion. (pp. 296-308). (Culture, Economy and the Social). Routledge. . Publication link: d78ed3d5-257e-474a-a5fc-f11a373cabf5
  • Reeves, M. (2016). Giving, Taking, and Getting By:: Help and Indifference in Moscow's Temporary Housing Market. In D. Henig, & N. Makovicky (Eds.), Economies of Favour After Socialism. (pp. 73-95). Oxford: Oxford University Press. . Publication link: b471a917-af76-478b-adc5-ce0027b0f9ee
  • Reeves, M. (2016). Diplomat, Landlord, Con-Artist, Thief: Housing Brokers and the Mediation of Risk in Migrant Moscow. The Cambridge Journal of Anthropology, 34(Spring/Autumn), 93-109. DOI: 10.3167/ca.2016.340207. Publication link: c179e0df-2808-4b0c-95a8-32e4f94239ca
  • Reeves, M. (2016). Time and Contingency in the Anthropology of Borders: On Border as Event in Rural Central Asia. In T. Bringa, & H. Toje (Eds.), Eurasian Borderlands: Spatializing Borders in the Aftermath of State Collapse. (pp. 159-183). (Approaches to Social Inequality and Difference). Palgrave Macmillan . . Publication link: 960df550-a500-4d25-845f-cc615174b2c4


  • Reeves, M., & Laszczkowski, M. (2015). Affective States: Entanglements, Suspensions, Suspicions. Social Analysis, 59(4), 1-136. DOI: 10.3167/sa.2015.590401. Publication link: ab9a99a5-92ae-4ffe-844b-cb6d0dfb9d12
  • Reeves, M. (2015). Death and Redemption: The Gulag and the Shaping of Soviet Society, 2011; Gulag Voices: Oral Histories of Soviet Detention and Exile, 2011; Narrating the Future in Siberia: Childhood, Adolescence and Autobiography Among the Eveny, 2012: a review article. Laboratorium: Russian Review of Social Research, 2015(1), 184-190. . Publication link: 038aa33f-2259-4009-a4d1-663853b1bc33
  • Reeves, M. (2015). Living from the Nerves: Deportability, Indeterminacy, and the 'Feel of Law' in Migrant Moscow. Social Analysis, 59(4), 119-136. DOI: 10.3167/sa.2015.590408. Publication link: 0ea79b31-e6a8-40b2-b230-f07206a331c5
  • Reeves, M., & Laszczkowski, M. (2015). Introduction: Affective States. Social Analysis, 59(4), 1-14. DOI: 10.3167/sa.2015.590401. Publication link: 26c7bff7-137e-4033-b6c2-bdece0f804d0
  • Reeves, M. (2015). In Search of Tolerantnost': Preventive Development and Its Limits at the Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan Border. In Kyrgyzstan Beyond 'Democracy Island' and 'Failing State'. Rowman and Littlefield. . Publication link: 66b14dcd-6b6b-4265-b508-93c16468703f


  • Reeves, M., Glick Schiller, N. (Ed.), & Irving, A. (Ed.) (2014). Politics, Cosmopolitics, and Preventive Development at the Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan Border. In Whose Cosmopolitanism? Critical Perspectives, Relationalities, Discontents. (pp. 201-217). Oxford: Berghahn. . Publication link: 3f1bf332-5795-4864-98bf-7ec7fa43a60e
  • Reeves, M. (2014). "We're With the People!" Place, Nation, and Political Community in Kyrgyzstan's 2010 'April Events'. The Anthropology of East Europe Review, 32(2), 68-88. . Publication link: 458f2cce-bb23-42e9-a3e5-a4fbc7996f09
  • Reeves, M., Rasanayagam, J., & Beyer, J. (2014). Ethnographies of the State in Central Asia: Performing Politics. (1 ed.) Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press.. Publication link: 2ad207d0-a54e-438f-9f36-994a6651dae9
  • Reeves, M. (2014). Border Work. (1 ed.) (Culture and Society After Socialism). Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press.. Publication link: 34eb626e-d94a-4424-a457-639837c25fbc
  • Reeves, M. (2014). Roads of hope and dislocation: Infrastructure and the remaking of territory at a central Asian border. Ab Imperio, 2014(2), 235-257. DOI: 10.1353/imp.2014.0032. Publication link: bc8d4be7-2192-480d-9a4e-ee313ac157b1
  • Reeves, M. (2014). Antropologiia Srednei Azii cherez desiat' let posle 'sostoianie polia': stakan napolovinu polon ili napolovinu pust? [The Anthropology of Central Asia a Decade After 'The State of the Field': A Cup Half Full or Half Empty?Antropologicheskij Forum, 20(1), 60-79. . Publication link: fceb487f-7073-422c-84eb-0c101d1ea794


  • Reeves, M., & Malakhov, V. (Ed.) (2013). Kak stanoviatsia "chernym" v Moskve: praktiki vlasti i sushchestvovanie mitrantov v teni zakona [Becoming "Black" in Moscow: Documentary Regimes and Migrant Life in the Shadow of Law]. In Grazhdanstvo i immigratsiia: kontseptual'noe, istoricheskoe i institutsional'noe izmerenie [Citizenship and Immigration: Conceptual, Historical and Institutional Dimensions]. (pp. 146-177). Moscow: Russian Academy of Sciences/ Kanon+. . Publication link: c4184517-8d4d-4a58-a9d3-fa8689bebfbd
  • Harvey, P., Reeves, M., & Ruppert, E. (2013). ANTICIPATING FAILURE: Transparency devices and their effects. Journal of Cultural Economy, 6(3), 294-312. DOI: 10.1080/17530350.2012.739973. Publication link: 6f3729b8-b2e8-4ee8-a4c4-5c051cc7c629
  • Reeves, M. (2013). Clean fake: Authenticating documents and persons in migrant Moscow. American Ethnologist, 40(3), 508-524. DOI: 10.1111/amet.12036. Publication link: 85804b41-39cb-4a58-a8b3-22eaae8cda00




  • Reeves, M. (2010). The Latest Revolution. London Review of Books, 32(9). . Publication link: 635da270-fb15-42c5-a703-14ff9a7363dd
  • Reeves, M. (2010). A Weekend in Osh. London Review of Books, 32(13). . Publication link: 59918129-24b0-48dc-972f-7498b6a3d60c
  • Reeves, M. (2010). On the documentary production of the ‘undocumented’ migrant in urban Russia. (Eastbordnet Working Papers; No. 86).. Publication link: 5b8b8d6e-d3a1-4b75-9f98-3d9c505c7883
  • Reeves, M. (2010). Mourning, violence and political community in Kyrgyzstan. National Identities: The Changing Identities of Central Asia, Russia, and the Caucasus, Interdisciplinary Humanities Center, University of California, Santa Barbara, .. Publication link: 5bb22841-f072-4823-be52-d79d053f1e15
  • Reeves, M. (2010). Theorising political upheaval and social identities in Kyrgyzstan. In host publication.. Publication link: 345a1f0a-b922-4050-97b7-2a30e4313233
  • Reeves, M. (2010). Clean fake: navigating ‘legal residence’ in migrant Moscow’. In host publication.. Publication link: 094843a9-ae50-44e9-8549-7e11900f0af8
  • Reeves, M. (2010). Materialising state space: 'Creeping migration' and territorial integrity in southern Kyrgyzstan. In Symbolism and Power in Central Asia: Politics of the Spectacular. (pp. 192-228). (Routledge Europe-Asia Studies Series). Abingdon and New York: Routledge. . Publication link: a7fae420-36d8-4da5-b457-17a1c3b7a197
  • Reeves, M. (2010). On edge: tools for an anthropology of precarity. In host publication.. Publication link: a93440f4-cc11-4aa7-8553-b0ed2b039f35
  • Reeves, M. (2010). ‘We’re with the people’: mourning, violence and political community in Kyrgyzstan’s ‘April events’. In host publication.. Publication link: ba6eaa35-5c56-4c8c-a671-e2365cd51b2c
  • Reeves, M. (2010). Clean fake: navigating ‘legal residence’ in migrant Moscow. In host publication.. Publication link: ba3e5f69-c451-401a-9eb9-c28622a69398
  • Reeves, M., & Laruelle, M. (Ed.) (2010). Migrations, masculinité et transformations de l’espace social dans la vallée de Sokh. In Dynamiques migratoires et changements sociétaux en Asie Centrale. (pp. 131-147). Paris: Editions Petra. . Publication link: bed42fdc-0953-4ae3-8e18-b632893d500c


  • Reeves, M. (2009). Po tu storonu ekonomicheskogo determinizma: mikrodinamiki migratsii iz sel'skogo Kyrgyzstana [Beyond Economic Determinism: The Micro-Dynamics of Migration from Rural Kyrgyzstan]. Neprikosnovennyi Zapas, 66(4), 262-280. . Publication link: 487ee0b4-8a53-4e7a-b7a7-7b3c8198a1de
  • Reeves, M. (2009). Trajectories of labour and shifting spatial imaginaries of Tajiks in the Sokh Valley. Tajikistan: Birth and Rebirth, St. Anthony's College, University of Oxford, .. Publication link: 42a7a7f0-af33-4a80-9fe0-2c37e94a6008
  • Reeves, M. (2009). Ambivalent citizenship in post-Soviet Central Asia. Citizenship and Post-Communism, Department of Russian and East European Studies, Indiana University, .. Publication link: 8eeb6a47-81b9-4579-9e90-13d32ad8479f
  • Reeves, M. (2009). Going to town: exploring the micro-dynamics of labour migration from Southern Kyrgyzstan’. In host publication.. Publication link: 5c0458ae-7415-4008-8596-27cf6ad79d28
  • Reeves, M. (2009). Mattering state space: on “territorial integrity” as an anthropological object’. In host publication.. Publication link: 538d578d-39dd-4c4d-89da-3c4e0cc26c94
  • Reeves, M. (2009). Review of Keebet von Benda-Beckmann and Fernanda Pirie (eds.), Order and Disorder: Anthropological Perspectives. Oxford and New York: Berghahn. Anthropological Notebooks, XV(1), 89-91. . Publication link: b3166e86-4327-4b07-a8aa-30377b7f58b4
  • Reeves, M. (2009). Migrations, masculinité et transformations de l’espace social dans la vallée de Sokh. In host publication.. Publication link: a577f7c9-c2c7-4242-9c7f-b4ef47c9c45b
  • Reeves, M. (2009). Materialising state space: 'Creeping migration' and territorial integrity in southern Kyrgyzstan. Europe - Asia Studies, 61(7), 1277-1313. DOI: 10.1080/09668130903068814. Publication link: e0b480e1-6178-47fa-8dc5-7ded028abddc
  • Reeves, M. (2009). Authenticity and imitation in documentary regimes. Documents, Techniques and Technologies: Eastbordnet Work Group 4, University of Manchester, .. Publication link: fb87700c-29bc-4adc-a818-ca303e63e189


  • Reeves, M. (2008). Precarious labour, legal ambiguity and contested cosmopolitanism in Moscow's migrant construction brigades. In host publication.. Publication link: a249357e-01d3-4d11-bf6f-dd5bf45c7d26
  • Reeves, M. (2008). Black work, green money: dilemmas of absence and accumulation at a time of migration. In host publication.. Publication link: a5cd2756-7358-4641-9e8d-5cb363caa2a4
  • Reeves, M. (2008). Review of Sarah Amsler, The Politics of Knowledge in Central Asia: Science Between Marx and the Market. Central Asian Survey, Vol. 27 (3/4). . Publication link: cece3310-0c95-4a75-b780-1d6a9251b249
  • Reeves, M. (2008). Ethnicity, language and categories of analysis in N. Kosmarskaya’s Deti imperii v post-sovetskoi tsetral’noi Azii. Etnograficheskoe obozrenie, 2. . Publication link: 2640e24c-7c9a-4444-a296-882a0586e0f7
  • Reeves, M. (2008). Clean fake: ambiguous documents, registration regimes and everyday "illegality" in migrant Moscow. In host publication.. Publication link: 1bc4e40f-24ae-4123-ab67-560c949c312f
  • Reeves, M. (2008). You'll see what was written on your forehead: navigating luck, misfortune and moral action at a time of migration. In host publication.. Publication link: 2e0e4f72-1170-44ab-9a6b-86205fd02873
  • Reeves, M. (2008). Black work, green money: dynamics of labour migration from southern Kyrgyzstan. In host publication.. Publication link: 755a6dc6-d084-4772-ad2c-638f47bdbccb
  • Reeves, M. (2008). Film review of Marat Alykulov, Chek ara/Granitsa [The Borders]. Bishkek: Oy-Art Productions, 2006. Central Asian Survey, Vol. 27 (2). . Publication link: 74299405-d2b5-436c-8431-5613f8da9d51
  • Reeves, M. (2008). Becoming "integral": separation, intimacy and territoriality on the Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan border. In host publication.. Publication link: 76c0b4b3-9ab3-4d8e-a6ba-ea058563d92b
  • Reeves, M. (2008). Materializing Borders. Anthropology News, 49 (5). DOI: 10.1525/an.2008.49.5.12. Publication link: 7db2fae1-78fe-4f0a-998a-6196aa67f7ee
  • Reeves, M. (2008). Border Work: An Ethnography of the State at its Limits in the Ferghana Valley University of Cambridge. Publication link: 874b34fc-352d-405c-a48f-423d6e76afde


  • Reeves, M. (2007). Lines of vision: seeing like a border-guard in the Ferghana valley. In host publication.. Publication link: 708c4fc3-da84-4203-b213-af2c38db2b31
  • Reeves, M. (2007). Unstable objects: corpses, checkpoints and “chessboard borders” in the Ferghana valley. Anthropology of East Europe Review, 25 (1). . Publication link: 2d561d25-6767-4a02-b819-55ad4d946e9e
  • Reeves, M. (2007). Report on the Central Asian Workshop for Doctoral and Post-Doctoral Students, Paris, France October 26-27th 2007. Central Eurasian Studies Review, Vol. 16 (1/2). . Publication link: 3ce9b114-1428-41e0-8627-15af02d6e352
  • Reeves, M. (2007). Faux propres: les strategies documentaires des migrants de l'Asie centrale en Russie [Clean Fake: Documentary Strategies of Central Asian Migrants in Russia]. In host publication.. Publication link: 02eadbce-700c-4aa0-bdfe-77f23a53448d
  • Reeves, M. (2007). Review of Mathijs Pelkmans, Defending the Border: Identity, Religion and Modernity in the Republic of Georgia, Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 2007. Anthropological Notebooks, XIII (2). . Publication link: f9113789-0b50-4787-8eb6-089aeba249f6
  • Reeves, M., Sahadeo, J. (Ed.), & Zanca, R. (Ed.) (2007). Travels in the Margins of the State: Everyday Geography in the Ferghana Valley Borderlands. In Everyday Life in Central Asia: Past and Present. Indiana University Press. . Publication link: a0c8c943-86ac-430c-ab40-f51985f991b0


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  • Reeves, M. (2006). Tracing the Body Politic: Border-Guarding and the Everyday Violence of Territorial Integrity in the Ferghana Valley. In host publication.. Publication link: e93f6c92-644b-4b1e-a1f9-cd6c23ff9cd4
  • Reeves, M. (2006). Fault lines, conflict maps and problem zones: cartogrpahies of failure in the Ferghana valley. In host publication.. Publication link: e85a9ef8-db61-40a3-9400-dfe412aaa917


  • Reeves, M. (2005). Civil Society Without Bounds? Cross-Border NGO Co-operation and its Limits in the Ferghana Valley. In host publication.. Publication link: 5ec6031b-2a43-460d-8774-5b3467a372d1
  • Reeves, M. (2005). Kyrgyzstan's Spring of Discontent in the Regions. Kyrgyzstan???s Spring of Discontent: Causes, Parallels, Implications /Vesna trevogy nashei: prichiny, parallely, posledstvii, American University - Central Asia, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, .. Publication link: 5c8ae5c4-8d52-45e7-abf6-9d42789ad07c
  • Reeves, M. (2005). Civil society without bounds? Cross-border NGO cooperation and its limits in the Ferghana valley. In host publication.. Publication link: 961a9a91-879d-4b01-96b3-608217e62e3a
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  • Reeves, M. (2005). Rethinking informed consent. Research practice in politicised space. In host publication.. Publication link: bedcbe0f-8df0-4f7a-80fa-d57acbc1a690
  • Reeves, M. (2005). Invited plenary on research ethics in Central Asia. Central Eurasian Studies Society 6th Annual Conference, Boston University, Boston, .. Publication link: dd899214-3a2b-41ac-a2f0-8aacba5ec8fd
  • Reeves, M. (2005). Invited author-critic round table to discussFrancine Hirsch's "Empire of Nations" (Cornell, 2005). 10th Annual Convention of the Association for the Study of Nationalities, Columbia University, New York, .. Publication link: dcc10167-1055-450b-88aa-d4714b3cc3bb


  • Reeves, M. (2004). Academic integrity and its limits in Kyrgyzstan’s higher education: a view from the margins. International Higher Education, 35. . Publication link: 4f61cdea-34d0-4ebf-9b50-7fa64b9bc319


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